#Top 15 Things To Do In Pondicherry!

One of the seven union territories of India is Pondicherry, also known as ‘Puducherry’ or simply ‘Pondy’. Pondicherry has a French influence which can be seen in many small residences and cafes in the region. Puducherry is also the center of spiritual activities such as yoga and meditation. Pondicherry offers a wide range of right choices to suit every traveler and thus there are plenty of things to do in Pondicherry.

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Pondicherry Tour

Pondicherry renamed as Puducherry is one of the most sought after tourists destination South India. The city is very small but was the largest French colony in India. The influence of French inthe city can be felt in uniform of the policeman, on the road, with the Mediterranean style houses and bakeries. It can be said that the east and west coexist very nicely in Pondicherry. Some people has also designated Pondicherry as a city with dual personality. The cultural life of the city is very much interesting and lively. Pondicherry is very much in abuzz with concerrts, films and most interestingly the madness of psychedelia trance with herbs thrown in. Tourists also visit Pondicherry to see Ashram of Rishi Aurobindo. This ashram inspires every individual soul samarpan and to lead a divine life. The beach of Pondicherry is also allure many tourists with its beauty. Pondicherry is well known for its educational institution mainly schools of medicine zero house pondicherry.

Things to see in pondicherry:

Aurobindo Ashram:

Aurobindo Ashram is synonimous with Pondicherry. A beautiful Ashram at the heart of the city based on the philosophy of harmonious community. The Ashram is at Rue de la Marine a symbol of peace and unity. There is a tomb of Aurovindo and his living quarters with a pretty

garden of flowers and orchid. Devotees as well as tourists all over the globe come to Pondicherry to visit the Ashram. There is a library within the Ashram which is a nice place for the bookworms.