Looking For Roof Painting, Read This Guide First

Whether your house has titled or corrugated iron roof, painting it is definitely an amusing idea to add value to your home sweet home. But in order to get the job done right, cleaning is the first step.

How to Clean your Roof before Painting?

Every roof has a different level of dirt and hence, requires a different way of cleaning. You can also use a hose or broom for smooth surfaces. For dealing with ingrained stuff like mold and algae, you will need some types of roof cleaning chemicals. Apply the chemical deep into the pores; let it sit for a while and it will rinse it naturally next time it rains.

How to paint a Corrugated Iron Roof?

For a new iron roof, wash it with a degreaser to undo the effects of oil fabrication and weathering. For unpainted iron roofs, paint it with primer first. Then give two coats of selected paint. The color choice is totally yours. But consider, light colors reflect the heat and darker colors absorb the heat.

Airless spraying is the quickest method of roof painting used by Roof Painters Auckland. Spray about a meter wide and work your way downwards. Once done, move back to the top and repeat the whole process. Even the painters also use rollers shaped like corrugated iron, but they still need to brush down the joints because the roller will not get into this area.

How to Paint a Tiled Roof?

Though some tile roofs start looking almost brand new water cleaning, but painting really revives them. In this case, you need to prime it first and make sure you apply plenty of primers. After that, give two coats of suitable paint. For painting tiled roofs, Exterior Painters Auckland can also use brushes, but this is a time consuming process. So it is suggested hiring airless spray gun. Here, the best way is to paint four tiles down from the top and then paint across until you reach the other end of the roof.

Start with planning and make sure that you have an easy way to get down from the roof after painting it and you don't need to walk on the painted area. Also, ensure that you do not paint on a windy or rainy day if you are using an airless spray gun.

Roof Paint Options

Choosing the House Painting Auckland service depends on your choice and budget. For cement tiled roofs, water based paints are preferred. These paints are not recommended for collecting rain water. Oil based paints are suitable for rainwater collection, but not for cement tiles. If you are willing to spend hefty, consider heat resistant paints with thermal additives.