In the Amazing City of Joy: Exploring Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is the educational, commercial and cultural center of the eastern part of India, and is the third most populous metropolitan city in India. Kolkata is a pioneer in the fields of drama, art, theater, and literature, with many Nobel laureates contributing to Kolkata culture. Here, we explore the best things to do in Kolkata.

Created by travelblogupdate Sep 6, 2020

Best And Exciting Things To Do In Kolkata

Kolkata tourism is a great idea for any holiday season. This is a city that is a perfect paradise for a vacation if you want to enjoy and collect some nice memories. Not long back, an NGO named Janaagraha did a research on the quality of life in different Indian cities. It estimated that Kolkata is the best city in India. This Bangalore-based NGO found in the study that Kolkata comes on the top as a good place to stay in. Kolkata is a city where the old and the new dwell in a symbiotic manner. It is also the city where literature finds its due dignity well-preserved. People discuss ways of life, the art of living and politics over tea at roadside tea stalls. It is just a part of their daily affairs. It is in Kolkata that all religions are celebrated with same gusto. Views on games and culture as incomparable and invaluable. A Kolkata tour fills you such a rich experience that you would find yourself admiring the city in no time things to eat in kolkata.