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India’s first commercial flight flew to Allahabad with a consignment of airmail on 18 February 1911. Since then, civil aviation has reached very far in the country.

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Airports in India - Take on to Your Destination

An airport is a location where aircraft such as airplanes, helicopter, and blimps take off and land. It consists of at least one surface such as a runway, a helipad, or water for takeoffs and landings, and often includes buildings such as hangars and terminal buildings. Incepted the conventional transportation by palanquins, which was one of the luxurious methods used by the rich and nobles for traveling purposes, a list of airports in India is grouped by state or Union Territory best airport in India

One can not say they have been neglected from the top priority list. Going by some important facts, it is completing to take a re-look in Airports in India. To satisfy the splurge in the demand for air travel, Air India purchased more than 68 jets from Boeing and Indian Airlines purchased 43 jets from Airbus. Also, others who have recently made significant investments in air travel are Jet Airways, IndiGo Airlines and Kingfisher Airlines.

This has made air travel more luxurious and has immensely benefited the travelers and the travel agents.

Today, India boasts of a well-developed air network. In a vast country like India air-travel is the fastest mode of transportation to reach from one end to another. There is a good air connection to nearly all corners of India. Almost all the states and Union Territory have more than two airports, which are regularized by necessary air services with several airlines.