How do you Play Music on Youtube Livestream{Latest}

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Created by Sound Button Jul 16, 2021

How Do You Play Music In YouTube Livestream {Latest}

Do you want to know how you can continue to stream your music on YouTube? How about being able to live stream video on youtube 24/7? This is a really good tip, that will be any live streaming concert’s key element essential for you.

So stick around! YouTube Live is a simple way for creators to reach their community in real-time. Whether streaming an event, developing a class, or hosting a workshop, YouTube has tools that will help manage live streams and interact with viewers. 

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What is Youtube?

Every day, people from throughout the world come to YouTube to experience the world's biggest social moments. Whether hosting a live charity event, a town hall meeting, or a press conference about developing news, YouTube Live and Premieres allow producers to produce viewers collectively to learn, discuss and form new social cocommunities. 

Creators can live stream on YouTube via webcam, mobile, or encoder streaming. Webcam and mobile are considered excellent choices for beginners and allow creators to perform live quickly.

Encoder streaming is ideal for more advanced live streams such as sharing the creator's screen or broadcasting gameplay, connecting to external audio and video hardware and maintaining an advanced live stream production (like multiple cameras and microphones).

Do you enjoy Live Streaming with Music?

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Why are people more interested in live streaming?

Music Industry and Artists are facing difficulties due to COVID Pandemic. It removed all the live performances as well as the celebration of festivals. All social gathering programs are not deducted for one year.

Then how do these artists make their earnings? We can reasonably say that this pandemic snatched their livelihood. Any live streaming concert’s key element is a good voice, all pieces of equipment needed, and good sound effects to retain their audience.

Without music and sound effects any show is dull, boring, and Lifeless. gives you all the sound effects at no charge. It is compatible with all of the leading live-streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming.

Steps to Play Music In YouTube Livestream

The installation steps are given below -

  1. Download VoiceMeeter and Soundboard of your choice.
  2. Then go to task manager then start the startup tab and approve these two apps.
  3. Now, Enable VoiceMeeter output and input. Set the input of VoiceMeeter as the output of Soundboard.
  4. Select your microphone and speakers as your hardware input and output respectively. 
  5. The last step is to make sure that YouTube is using VoiceMeeter out as its input device.


Well, this is all about How to play music in YouTube Livestreaming. Follow certain steps and experience live streaming. In case of any doubts, do let us know in the comments section. Don’t forget to share it with your dear ones. Thanks for reading!