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Beautician say

After a few weeks of existing on coffee and junk food, barely moving past running for the train, and too many late nights trying to tackle studies, my skin put me in my place before my brain did.

Beauty Expert

Beauty Expert say

 A greyish tone washed over me, my under-eyes were puffy, and I broke out like all my periods had come at once - cute right?!

From a change in diet to increased stress levels, there are a load of things that can affect your skin - the good news is that there are also a bunch of ways to combat this ahead of time.

Tell us a bit more about your daily routine and we'll help you build an new regime to prepare for stress prone skin.

Great choice!

Great choice!

A daily Detox Micellar Water does X, Y and Z, it’s perfect before or at the end of a long study session, to effectively remove make-up, cleanses, unclogs pores, tones, and boosts skin’s hydration all in one step, no rinsing required! 

Oil Cleanser

Oil Cleanser

Nothing better than a splash of water and that nice just-washed feeling to prepare your skin for a long day hitting the books. But in stressful times, have you considered using an oil-cleanser? Funnily enough, oil dissolves oil. Cleansing oil cleverly clings to the excess oil on skin (as well as make-up, grime, and sweat), whisking away impurities gently yet effectively. 

Oh - you go straight to work?

Oh - you go straight to work?

While we admire your enthusiasm for studying - overnight, skin renews and cell production increases, meaning there’s reason to cleanse and refresh in the morning. Cleansing first thing wakes up sleepy skin, removes oil, dead skin cells, impurities from pores, and gives you a balanced base ready for your next skincare steps. Try a Daily Detox Micellar Water or Oil Cleanser.

Burnout is real, and your skin will be one of the first places to show it - you must remember to look after yourself mentally and physically.

Setting aside a couple of minutes every day for some new skincare techniques can make a huge change to how your skin (and your body) cope with stress.

There’s nothing better than applying a face mask at the end of a difficult day in the books. Try our Charcoal face mask, just perfect for removing the day’s stresses and cares away before bed.

You’re right to clean the day away after you’ve been bent over a laptop screen studying hard. But why not go a step further try a two-stage face washing process, which starts with a cleanser (usually oil-based) to dissolve make-up and dirt, followed by a second wash, to deep clean skin. The cleaner your skin, the less irritation make-up can cause, and the quicker your toner, eye cream, and moisturiser can absorb and get to work (now we’re talking!).

Even if you shut your textbook and head straight out, there’s no reason that you need to leave all the grime from the day on your skin. Take a pack of Daily Detox Simple Cleansing Wipes and sweep the day away quickly and easily.