Enter them into the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship

Created by snoopy84140 Sep 9, 2020

Nothing tells your loved one you have confidence in their puzzling abilities like signing them up for the biggest competition in the world. At the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship, they can compete as either an individual or part of a pair or team. And the best part? The competition is held in the Millennium Dome in Valladolid, so it’ll include a trip to Spain!
Register at jigsaw puzzles, or check out more puzzling events in this guide.

Order them some puzzle art

Did you know that many jigsaw puzzle manufacturers use the same die to cut a number of their designs? American artist Tim Klein saw a way to use this to his advantage and has created these incredible montages that combine pieces from two different puzzles. For the puzzle purist these might push a few buttons, but his mashups of animals, cars and landscapes make a pretty unique and fun addition to your wall.
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