Introduction to our new SwissDev Company Portal - manage your IT job postings with ease!

Created by sneakyburnone Sep 5, 2020

Today we wanted to tell you about our new addition to the SwissDev Job Board, the Company Portal.
From now on, if you want to add your job posting you can simply create a company account, and you will be able to manage all of your offers in a straightforward way.
How does it work?
First, you start off with filling out the contact form on: IT Job Schweiz

After the registration you will be asked to fill some details about your company, such as:

  • company type and size
  • required languages
  • willingness to sponsor a visa
  • software development methodology
  • benefits that your company offers

This part has to be done only once - all of your future postings will use this data. You can edit submitted information at any time.

The next step is creating actual job postings. You will have to name the position and specify the following:

  • the main category (programming language)
  • expected experience of a canditate
  • monthly salary brackets
  • general job description
  • some other minor details

You can save drafts at any time and come back to them later, before submitting an offer.
After you submit a job posting, it will be reviewed by us on the same day (latest 10:00 PM) and if it meets our requirements, we will publish it on the main website. You can have as many postings as you like.