How to find a job as Software Developer in Switzerland? (step by step guide)

Created by sneakyburnone Sep 5, 2020

How difficult is to find a job as a Software Developer in Switzerland?
This is a commonly asked question.
Switzerland is one of the best countries to work in as a Software Engineer.
In terms of salary, you can easily earn above 100,000 CHF (note: 1 CHF ~ 1 USD), add to that the European work-life balance and beautiful nature - lakes and mountains.
Because of that, and the fact that Switzerland is a rather small country with a population of just below 8.5 million, finding a job here isn’t particularly easy. The IT market in Switzerland is much smaller compared to Germany or France.
There are a few factors that you need to consider and might work either in your favor or against you:
1. Work experience and technologies - while finding a job in Switzerland is not easy, good luck finding a job as a Junior Software Engineer, especially when you are a foreigner. Most of the companies are looking for Developers with 2+ years of experience (since they are going to pay them 100,000 per year, anyway).
Having said that, it is possible to find a job even as a Junior but you would be rather looking at internship/trainee offers.
The 2nd part is the technology that you specialize in. In the job data on SwissDev Jobs you can see that there are many offers for Java, JavaScript, and C# developers but not as much for Mobile, Ruby or C++. Findout  IT Job Schweiz
2. Being from Switzerland or EU - if you are a citizen of one of the EU countries it will be pretty easy for you to obtain a work permit in Switzerland - it is a matter of filling the papers after you get the job.
However, if you are from a different region, say the United States or India, the process becomes more difficult. In such a case, the employer needs to offer you a visa sponsorship and prove to the government that it was not possible to find a qualified person in Switzerland for that position.
Again, if you are a great developer, you might get this chance, but in most of the cases, companies will restrict their potential candidates to just the EU + Switzerland region.
3. Language skills - Switzerland has 4 official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh.
Speaking the main language of the part you would be in is definitely an advantage and many companies require it. However, you can still pretty easily find a job with English only.