How to Buy A Helmet That Matches Your Lifestyle?

Summary: Gone are the days when helmets used to be just equipment to avoid penalty from the police! Nowadays, youngsters take pride in wearing their helmets. We have compiled 6 key pillars of making the right buying decision when it comes to purchasing a brand-new helmet. So, let's get started! 

Seth Martin
Created by Seth Martin Nov 12, 2020

Gone are the days when helmets used to be just equipment to avoid penalty from the police! Nowadays, youngsters take pride in wearing their helmets because it suits their persona in addition to protecting their heads from the dangers of the road. Seeing the increasing demand from new age riders for stylish helmets, manufacturers have started putting in a lot of effort in making their products attractive with the addition of different features which suit the ‘fast-lane lifestyle’ of today's two-wheeler riders.  
So, while helmets used to be just an ABS shell with a polycarbonate visor on the front just a few years ago, today if you walk into a motorcycle accessories shop near you, you will find products that are completely redesigned from the ground up and equipped with features that you would not have imagined five years ago! That means you as the user of the helmet need to know a thing or two about purchasing the right helmet that suits your lifestyle. With that in mind, we have compiled 6 key pillars of making the right buying decision when it comes to purchasing a brand-new helmet. So, let's get started! 
Understand Your Lifestyle 
If you want a helmet that complements your lifestyle then the first thing that you need to do is to understand what your lifestyle actually is. Understanding your lifestyle is much more than just finding out what you like doing. Your lifestyle is a combination of all the life decisions that you make and options you choose when you have a lot of them to pick from. For example, if you love going on long distance trips over making short commutes to your office or workplace then you have what the community calls a ‘wanderlust lifestyle’! On the other hand, if you love riding motorcycles at high speeds then you have a ‘racer lifestyle’! When you combine all of these decision patterns together, you arrive at your own unique blend of lifestyle and that is the key to purchasing a brand-new helmet that suits your persona. 
Find Out What Your Peers Are Using 
We as humans tend to gravitate towards people who are a mirror reflection of our own selves. If you cannot decide your own lifestyle, check what your peers are using and that will give you a good idea of your own lifestyle choices. If your peers are high speed motorcycle racers there is a very good chance that you are with them because you are a high-speed motorcycle racer yourself! Similarly, if your peers love to go on long distance trips and you are a part of their life it simply means that you love long distance trips yourself too! That way it becomes a lot simpler to understand the lifestyle choices you are making inadvertently or subconsciously and since that is what you like already, you don't have to fret much about checking out all the options in a motorcycle accessory shop when it comes to purchasing a new helmet because you can simply checkout the helmets your peers are using and buy one for yourself. 

Check Out All The Options 
Don't limit yourself to just one or two helmet options when it comes to purchasing a brand-new product for your own riding needs. Always keep an open mind and checkout everything the motorcycle accessories shop near you has to offer. While there's a very good chance that if you have understood your lifestyle and like what your peers are using already, you might like the helmet they are using too, but that does not mean that you need to limit yourself with just one option. The market has a ton of design options for you to choose from. A full-face helmet is the ubiquitous choice of almost every type of rider out there, but open face helmets, half face helmets and modular helmets are quite popular choices too.  
Have Multiple Helmets 
Why just have one helmet when you can have multiple helmets for different needs and riding purposes? In fact, that is what many people are doing these days to provide for different writing styles and necessities. For example, for long distance trips you can have a full-face helmet or a modular helmet with Bluetooth connectivity options to stay in touch with your friends and other riders in the group, and similarly for city commutes you can have a half face helmet or an open face helmet that allows more airflow keeping you cool in stop-and-go traffic conditions. That way you don't have to compromise on the facilities and features of one helmet over the other and also you have a backup plan if the primary helmet becomes damaged or lost. Make sure to purchase the primary helmet according to your primary riding needs and have a secondary helmet for those occasional out of the way tours and trips. 
Don’t Get Too Hung On The Looks 
When it comes to purchasing a helmet matching your motorcycle color, it can get quite tricky and you may end up getting in a loop of being too picky about your helmet options. For example, if you own a KTM motorcycle you might want orange helmet and a green helmet if you have a Kawasaki motorcycle! While those are two of the most common demands out there, there are also other motorcycle brand colors which you may be looking for. But if the market does not have the perfectly matching option for you, don't get too hung up with that. Make the best of the situation by purchasing a helmet that closely matches your motorcycle color. What you need to be focusing instead is on impeccable safety standards and certifications which is what will keep you protected in an accident. 
Take Safety Seriously 
Last but not the least, it is important to understand that lifestyle considerations will always be secondary over the primary concern of keeping yourself safe on a motorcycle. What that means is that when you are in a motorcycle accessories shop near you the first thing that you need to do is to focus on the safety standards and features of the helmet rather than looking just at the colors and comfort features of the product. If you have to make a compromise, compromise upon the looks of the helmet rather than on the safety aspects of the product because at the end of the day, how the helmet looks will not protect your head from a deadly injury.