What makes India a leading Bulk Tea Exporting nation

India is the fourth-largest bulk tea manufacturer the world over, with CTC accounting for 90% tea production. UK, Iran, USA, Russia, Germany, UAE buy Indian tea for quality and variety.

Sanjiv Roy
Created by Sanjiv Roy Jul 28, 2020

What makes India a leading Bulk Tea Exporting nation

India ranks fourth in tea exports the world over. Till February this year, India exported tea worth US $ 709.28 million. In 2019, India was the second-largest tea producer in the world, with a whopping production of 1,339.70 million kgs. The estimated production in January-February period this year was 30.54 million kgs. Such impressive figures suggest Indian tea is counted among the finest in the world, making India one of the leading bulk tea exporting nations, with buyers from Germany, USA, Egypt, UAE, UK, Iran, Australia, Russia and many other countries boosting the prospects further.   

Bulk tea production 
The bulk of India’s tea production is CTC (crush, tea, curl) at 90%, while orthodox (whole leaf) accounts for a meagre 8.4% and the rest comes from green tea. The differences between teas arise from processing, growing conditions, and geography. India leads as a bulk tea supplier in the world because of several advantages. 

Wide variety of teas 
India produces a wide variety of teas including CTC tea that provides more cups per kg, orthodox tea, green tea, and organic tea. Unlike other tea producing and exporting nations in the world, India has a technology-driven manufacturing base for both CTC and orthodox tea, and green tea, which makes it possible to export all the varieties of teas in bulk quantities. For tea buying nations, the availability of a single source to acquire such a wide variety appears more attractive and profitable. 

Lower price of Indian teas

Price-wise, Indian orthodox tea is cheaper than orthodox tea from other nations. Similarly, its crushed, tear, and curl (CTC) variety is lower priced than CTC tea from other countries. The cost benefit to foreign buyers makes bulk tea from India an attractive option. This offers a big  business opportunity to India as bulk tea manufacturer to ramp up its export market.   
Superior variety of teas 

Indian tea offers much better aroma and incredible flavours because of strong geographical conditions. Heavy investment in tea processing units, constant innovation, strategic market expansion, and augmented product mix are some of the key drivers of quality produce that enjoys global popularity, making India the preferred bulk tea manufacturer in the world as per current global trends. The future looks promising, with new markets being explored for tea trade. Orthodox tea from India gives better flavour and liquor. 
Speciality teas from India 

Specialty teas have become a global craze, with a growing demand for herbal teas and other healthy variants that are curated from India. Tea producing areas such as Darjeeling, Assam, and the high-range Nilgiris have a distinctive aroma, strength, colour and flavour and the specialty teas sourced from these regions enjoy a wide client base abroad. Teas with authentic and unique blends from estates in Darjeeling, Assam, Sikkim, Nilgiris undergo strict screening process that ensures the best quality teas without artificial colors and additives. This explains why India keeps consolidating its position as a bulk tea manufacturer in the world.