Throwback to good times: Remembering Sima Textfair 2019, Coimbatore and such great memories and meaningful relationship Jumac established there

After the successful participation and technological exposure at ITMA Barcelona 2019 event, Jumac, the pro-leader in manufacturing spinning cans and card cans for the textile industry, got another chance to participate in SIMA Textfair 2019 at Coimbatore. It was an opportunity to exhibit the surpassing technology that Jumac implemented to produce the best spinning cans and HDPE cans for the textile and jute industry. Jumac, in the event, proudly displayed its smart can technology and the wide range of silver cans and accessories it manufactures for the textile giants and existing customers. The event was successful and added more number of prospective customers to Jumac’s existing client list.
When it comes to implementing smart technology, innovation and superior manufacturing of cans; the first name that outshines in this industry is the Jumac Manufacturing. Over the decades, the company is into manufacturing products and accessories that have higher demand in the textile industry for handling yarns. Being one of the leading spinning can manufacturers in India, it satiates the Indian market demand with their high-end technological products and serves the rising demand for the international and global market. What distinguishes Jumac from others in the competition is the dedication to satisfy their clientele by rendering the exact customized products with exact specifications they require for textile production units.
Remembering the SIMA Texfair 2019 at Coimbatore.
Remembering the participation at SIMA Texfair 2019 held at Coimbatore, Mr. Himanshu Fogla, Director at Jumac Manufacturing said “We get opportunities to display our smart can technology and the products we manufacture using the same. This time it was in Coimbatore. SIMA Texfair 2019 was a productive platform where we had unveiled our output to our existing customers, suppliers, promoters’ and partners. It was not just an event; it was a platform to get exposure to current technology and imbibe them for our success. In the four days event, we had nurtured our superior manufacturing procedures and aimed to deliver world-class products to our clients as per their specifications. We’re looking forward to implementing several innovative steps in the production lineage and come up with newly equipped smart can technology to produce effective and robust smart cans”. He further added- We aim to manufacture such textile spinning cans that are durable with lowest maintenance cost. We have been doing this in the past and will come up with a highly technical- driven process that will make our brand a leading one and the only supplier of superior quality machinery and accessories for the Jute and textile industry.” The Scan and Go Technology for spinning cans at SIMA Texfair 2019.The spike in number of visitors/consumers who were interested to know the product details and specifications used Scan and Go technology and the innovation amazed them throughout the fair. One of the visitors said- “We entrepreneurs are in a hunt for products and suppliers who have embraced innovation and made their products cost-effective to use. This is a fantastic approach. I had come to know every minute detail of the spinning cans just by scanning them once. This is an amazing digital innovation. We’re looking forward to more innovation from Jumac. These technical features make Jumac Manufacturing, the only reliable choice for us in the industry.” The textile products and accessories exhibited at the SIMA Texfair with newly equipped technology received a remarkable response. The existing customers, visitors, global partners and stakeholders appreciated the products and technology used by the Jumac. Great Memories and Meaningful Relationship at SIMA Texfair 2019 at Coimbatore. Jumac has always been a part of such events in India and other international locations. Recalling the four-day event Mr. Himanshu Fogla said- SIMA Texfair memories are wonderful. These events help us to get more knowledge of the industry. Once you crack your client’s requirement; you’re done! We are looking forward for more such opportunities to tap the domestic/global market. We had also made new business relations with many partners.