How music bands make your wedding extra special

Music can make all the difference in the world on the day and acts as more than just a backdrop to the proceedings. A live wedding band with the right experience can set the mood and tone for the whole day, acting as a musical centrepiece, which perfectly complements and enhances the proceedings, as well as acting as a catalyst which helps to make the atmosphere come to life with the energy of the moment.

Here are some reasons why you should consider live music bands in your wedding,

1. Makes it like no other wedding

The artistry and best live bands for weddings, bring to their performance an extra spark on the day which is priceless, and becoming increasingly rare. Live solos on guitar, sax, keyboards, bass and drums are not something you or your guests see or hear everyday.

2. Flexible and in tune to the mood 

In real time, live bands can extend, shorten, rearrange, vamp, transpose pitch, modify tempo and alter lyrics of songs to fit requests and respond to “spur of the moment” dance situations. Sometimes these tools can literally save the day.

3. Makes the day more memorable

A phenomenal, live performance will be talked about for years to come, especially when they keep an entire audience rolling for hours.

4. Takes energy & excitement to another level

 People rarely get to experience the raw energy and excitement of a sizzling, live performance up close and personal, and when they do, they hit the dance floor with passion. 

5. Adds more value to entertainment 

When the band is into it, the audience is into it. A live band also gives guests something to watch - whether they plan on hitting the dance floor, or not. 

6. Guests will be raving long after the party is over

Wedding couples must realize it’s not the ceremony that guests will remember, but the entertainment. And if it’s fun, high energy entertainment that’s provided, it’ll not only increase the excitement during the celebration, but it’s what will have the guests raving long after the party is over. You’ll hear many more compliments about the wedding band than about the ceremony or DJ. The entertainment you hire will be the biggest determinant of how successful and memorable your reception turns out to be.
7. The unmatched atmosphere
Even if you’ve hired a top local DJ who’s spinning your all-time favourite records through top-of-the-range equipment, the sounds you’ll be hearing and the feelings you’ll be experiencing won’t come close to those you’ll get with a top live band.

The energy and presence of a live performance won’t just blend into the background like prerecorded music – you and your guests will be able to feel the electricity in the air. Even if it’s not your preferred style of music, the atmosphere at a live gig is always one of excitement.
The music at your wedding has got to be personal to you as a couple, but it also needs to appeal to a wide range of guests. These are just a few of the reasons for hiring a wedding band for your special day – don’t just take our word for it, make it happen!