Choosing the right Private Label Partner can give Jumpstart to a Start-Up Brand

Sanjiv Roy
Created by Sanjiv Roy Nov 10, 2020

Choosing the right Private Label Partner can give Jumpstart to a Start-Up Brand

It is simple and easy for businesses and entrepreneurs to venture into the world of tea and launch a new brand or scale up their existing operations with private tea label manufacturing partnerships. Roping in a private label tea partner helps in assembling the product. Entrepreneurs can formulate their marketing strategies while a complete back-end production support is assigned to a resourceful private label tea partner. What matters the most is the right choice of a private label partner who can make the transformative journey quicker and help the business find its niche market and expand accordingly.  

Private label tea

The role of a private label tea partner depends on the expertise and experience of the client. Selecting the blends, picking the herbs, and choosing the packing material are the multiple steps involved in the elaborate process. The right infrastructure, machinery, process, talent, knowledge, and resourceful sourcing potential to offer quality products with good turnaround time are the key strengths that can help launch a private label tea brand and turn it into an amazing success story with expertise and knowledge.  

Mastery in Blending

A private label tea partner with the competence to guide and mentor clients in the intricacies of the packing process like selecting the flavour, blends, and packaging is the right choice to begin with. Decades of rich experience in serving the global palate helps master the art of perfect blending of tea. Private label tea partner also helps their clients to assemble all elements of their liking and create the ideal catalogue for their tea brand. Putting together the client’s selection of teas, herbs and flavours into delectable blends that create a niche for the brand is what the private label tea partner does well. Besides, there is guiding the clients in selecting the tea based on the tea drinking preferences prevailing in a market and this differs from one region to another. People in Turkey have different tastes from those in the UK related to tea flavours and the private label tea partner helps pitch it right in the appropriate market. With the growth of speciality teas among the health-conscious tea drinkers in the world, the expert services of a private label tea partner helps a lot in expediting the process of reaching out quickly and in adequate measure to meet the needs of the market. 

From regular tea options to the exotic blends, the private label tea partner should be resourceful to arrange everything on a priority basis. The ability to source the finest ingredients from across the world is possible because where the supply partners are undisputed leaders in their fields. Audits and checks before finalising a supply partner are conducted to pick up the best among the best. This selection process is done right by those who have ample knowledge and experience in dealing with the supply chain partners on a regular basis.   


A private label tea partner provides guidance related to suitable packaging for the product, to boost the image of the brand. A selection of the right set of packaging for the product is achieved with good understanding of the product mix, shelf life, and customer profile. These are vital to suggest the right packaging options to clients – aside from primary packing (type of tea bag, pouch), secondary packing (caddies, boxes), and net content


Sourcing is a key activity in tea business. Source a variety of input materials such as tea, herbs, infusions, flavours, fruit pieces, spices, packaging material from multiple suppliers. Keeping strong vigilance is integral to the process of sourcing. From local suppliers to international brands, the vendors follow globally accepted norms and carry out the best practices during production. Conducting regular supplier audits to assess consistency and norms for quality checks is important.


A good private label tea partner delivers consistent quality as the right SOPs are followed. Quality checks at every step of the production process, from sourcing to delivery, are done. International standards of food safety and hygiene are followed to ensure the highest level of quality in the production process. Besides, complete forward and backward traceability integrated into the quality management system is another advantage.


Certifications serve as validation to the fact that SOPs being followed are benchmarked against industry standards and come in handy as an assessment tool for the clients. A private label tea partner certified for leading quality management practices such as FSSAI, Rainforest Alliance, US FDA, India Organic, Fair trade, BRC Issue 8, ISO and GMP should be preferred.

Hygiene Practices

Food Safety and Hygiene are growing concerns for the food industry today. A private label tea partner must ensure that the highest standards of safety practices are adhered to during the processing and packing of food items such as private label tea bags.
Designing the facility based on global hygiene standards is the best practice.  Hygiene stations at all entry and exit points, stringent control and practices, and regular monitoring are the ways to ensure best practices food safety are followed for private label tea bags. Similar standards at the suppliers’ end are also expected.


The facilities equipped with the latest infrastructure and advanced machines to cater to the diverse needs of clients are preferred for superior quality private label tea bags. With a huge warehousing space available at disposal, the private label tea partner can source input materials at the required levels and hold them for clients as per their needs from time to time .
With a vast repertoire of packing machines, the private label tea partner can pack private label tea bags and pack teas in different formats, apart from undertaking start-up projects of varying sizes and ensuring their sturdy emergence in the market.

Clients repose complete trust in a private label tea partner as they help the finest tea brands build their success stories internationally. Hence, the proper selection of the right private label partner can propel any start-up tea business venture on the path of robust growth in a short span of time.