What is ISO 41001: 2018 Facility Management?

Created by ronniekongs Aug 24, 2020

One of the biggest challenges that facility managers reported to us was the struggle in finding a management system for their daily activities. However, the gap that was left open for a long time by the lack of a standard or a list for best practices regarding Facility Management, was filled with ISO 41001.
The complete designation of ISO 41001 is “ISO 41001: 2018 Facility Management — Management Systems — requirements with guidance for use”. These are the industry’s best practices and its best bet to meet the challenges of a future whose only certainty is increased competitiveness.
The Asset Management standard is the norm ISO 55001, which was launched in 2014 and revised in 2016. (In 2018, ISO 55002 brought some complementary information, but did not invalidate its predecessor). But the first ISO on Facility Management (FM) only appeared in 2017, when they appeared in a triple form:

  • ISO 41011: 2017 — vocabulary, establishing the jargon-setting;
  • ISO 41012: 2017 — guidance on strategic sourcing & development of agreements;
  • ISO 41013: 2017 — scope, key concepts & benefitof FM.

The 2018 norm 41001 — which will only be revised in 2023 — refers to all the previous ones but has a more practical view of Facility Management. ISO 41001 establishes out the requirements, with specific instructions, for your company to adopt and maintain a Facility Management system that enables sustainable growth.
Moreover, when implemented in tandem with ISO 55001, they make an unstoppable team that links the value of assets to the company’s overall goals.
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