A Glimpse into the future of 3D Architectural Rendering

Created by rapidrenders Jul 28, 2020

The future of 3D Architectural Rendering: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
We’re all quite familiar with what 3D Architectural rendering can do for your business. If not please do have a look at our extensive portfolio. But that’s not all, here at Render Atelier we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of CGI and unlocking the future of 3d architectural rendering and product design. And with technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) getting mainstream, it’s bound to happen and we can’t wait for the next big challenge.

Architectural rendering

Having looked at our portfolio you might have noticed the sheer detail and dedication our 3D artist put into our projects. You might have got wowed by our VR 360 Tours and our RA Animation Demo. But we’re not content with we want to take a step further into an immersive experience. Our demos above do give you a glimpse into what those spaces are like. But imagine if you could go deeper as if you really were in that room or that building.

We wonder what it could be like to walk through and explore one of those settings as if it were a high-end 3d game. Imagine what it would be like to roam around a conceptual building design just as you would in a first-person point of view (FPOV) game. Imagine being able to interact with the surroundings, switch a light bulb on or off, or maybe change the color of the wall, place an armchair by a window. Who knows… the possibilities are endless. But with our accurate, lifelike renderings, you’d be able to experience being right in the middle of that room.

Architectural rendering

The benefits of Virtual Reality
Now I know that might seem a bit farfetched but it’s only the begging. What if we take that simulation and adapt it to VR technology. You are no longer looking at a screen but rather are within the screen. Imagine walking through a room and taking in the minute details like the texture of fabric the wood grain, or simply the play of light and shadow on all these textures. The added benefit of filling in an audioscape with music and a voiceover would make for a truly immersive experience.

It’s sure to amuse any client, but it’s a wonderland for designers. Imagine an interior designer having the ability to walk through the interior of building that all but exist on paper. Imagine the sheer control that would be afforded to the designer to try out a multitude of designs all without wasting any resources. Changing décor with little more than a click, rearranging a room or designing a compact functional kitchen.

Architectural rendering

So often so much is lost in translation, at the construction site too. It’s hard to translate what the designer wants and what the engineer can do. More often than not the design has to compromise. Not because it’s impossible to build but merely because the engineer is unable to visualize the end result. Imagine working the other way around. Imagine having the builders walk through the building before it’s even built. Taking in every minute detail, not merely seeing a sketch but experiencing what it would be like walking into that space.

Architectural rendering: the advent of Augmented Reality
On the other end, we have the advent of Augmented Reality (AR) for a consumer. This could be the next big game changer. We’ve already seen how Pokémon Go had adults and children chasing imaginary creatures all over cities. We at Render Atelier wondered how our 3D Product visualizations could come alive using this augmented reality. You might have seen our high fidelity photorealist renderings. If not have a look here and the 360 product renderings too. Now thanks to AR you would not have to imagine these photorealist renderings in your home or office but they could be projected there true to size. With options to customize it at your fingertips.

At 3d rendering services we’re never satisfied. We believe in moving ahead with the times evolving with new technologies and adapting them to best suit our clients’ needs. Do keep in touch to know the latest and how it can help you.