The “About Us” Page Broken Down: What Content Should You Include?

Created by onecallapp Aug 13, 2020

Picture this: you’re at a dinner party, and someone is talking your ear off about their new business. They can’t seem to describe it in words other than “innovative” and “great,” and you still have no idea what the company actually does. 

If an Ecommerce business were to bore you like this on their website, you wouldn’t even have to come up with an excuse to escape to the bathroom – you could just click off the page and be done. And that’s exactly what uninspired customers will do. 

91% of organizations worldwide use content marketing, but few of those organizations are using it as effectively as they could. If there’s a single crucial place to make sure your brand’s content is top notch, it’s on your About Us page. For customers, the About Us page is a one-stop introduction to your business, and there are plenty of expectations to exceed. 

What is an About Us Page? 
An About Us page is an opportunity to introduce your company on your own terms. It’s where potential customers will go to find out why you’re passionate about your products – and why they should be, too.

A well-crafted About Us page is the key to building trust and loyalty with your customers.