Baidu SEO Algorithm (Name. BlueSky) to Avoid Catalog Selling

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D. Baidu SEO Algorithm (Name. BlueSky) to Avoid Catalog Selling.
In November 2016, Baidu Search launched the BlueSky in particular to crack down news sites selling soft articles and catalogs.
Soft contents and buying catalogs are being advertised on some so-called high-quality websites, and get benefits from advertisers.
Problem 14 (Example): Catalog selling
Baidu SEO Algorithms about Meeting Users’ Needs
A. Title Guideline – Page Title Violations
In September 2017, Baidu Search released the algorithm (name. Breeze) to severely punish developers for cheating through page titles, such as incorrect text, false content, repeated keywords, deceiving users by getting clicks.

  1. False Content Title

Problem 15 (Example): Unofficial website but using official website title
Problem 16 (Example): The title indicates that the novel can be downloaded, but the page induces a negative case of downloading the APP

  1. Duplicate titles

Problem 17 (Example): Duplicate keywords & Keywords stuffing on title
B. Baidu SEO Algorithms- Breeze 3.0 – for Violated Downloads
In order to regulate download sites and mini programs deceptive downloads, bundled downloads and other harmful behaviors, Baidu released the algorithm (Breeze) version 2.0 and 3.0 in April 2018 and October 2018. Later, this algorithm covers from cheating title to downloads deceiving on sites and mini programs.

  1. Downloading sites – PC version

Problem 18 (Example): Downloading Page

  1. The interface after the user clicks on download button (Bundle Download)

Problem 19 (Example): Bundle Download
C. Algorithm (TradeWind) – for the induction problem of false pages
In May 2019, Baidu released TradeWind, which prohibits websites or mini program from using the pagination button for user behavior’s induction.

  1. When the user clicks on the pagination button, the user will be redirected to other channel pages of the website

Problem 20 (Example): The user clicks “Next Page” and being redirected to other site channel directory.
D. Standard Regulation of Violation – For Information that Violates Laws and Regulations
This regulation includes website content & search keywords such as pornography, gambling, fraud, document forgery, etc.
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