Content Marketing and the Importance of Keyword Research

Mike Smith
Created by Mike Smith Aug 17, 2020

Content Marketing and the Importance of Keyword Research

Distribution of content is as important as content creation in any online marketing activity. You may have developed killer content but it will be of no use if it does not reach your prospects. 

While uploading your content for online distribution, you need to target the right media platforms that are popular among your desired audiences. 

One must be aware of importance of keyword research and understanding of customer profile before designing online content. Information about social media platforms and keywords used by your potential customers is vital for the success of any marketing strategy.

Role of keywords in content marketing

Keywords are the most essential pillars that must be used to design the entire gamut of content marketing initiatives. These words or phrases are used by your potential clients who are in pursuit of solutions to their problems. 

You need to understand that your products or services are basically solutions for resolving specific problems faced by customers. If you are selling a vacuum cleaner, it is aimed at solving the problem of home cleaning. The customer may use either vacuum cleaner or home cleaning system as keywords when searching online. 

If your content is created by making smart use of the relevant keywords, your prospects are likelier to find your content in the vast expanse of the internet. Keywords are also referred to as search phrases or queries. If your content is built around carefully researched keywords, your potential customer will certainly find it relevant. 

Are keywords really important? 

If you search for the importance of keyword research, you will get hundreds of results that can offer valuable insights. This also underlines the fact that there are a lot of ways to undertake keyword research. 

Digital marketing campaigns can never be initiated without in-depth study of keywords. While looking for possible keywords to be used for content development, you will need to use at least two sets of keywords including primary and secondary keywords. 

A very notable factor that stresses the use of appropriate keywords for a successful digital content distribution strategy is the ranking position assigned by the leading search engines. Optimum use of keywords in the content boosts the page ranking for greater online visibility of your content.

Online tools

You may leverage online tools such as explorer tools to undertake a search for relevant keywords and select the top keywords that can help your content get discovered by more and more target customers. 

It would be great if you choose phrases instead of a single word as your keyword because just one word as a keyword will lack specificity and lead to confusing results. Keywords are links between what your customer wants and how your content is able to connect with their needs. 


If you have been able to choose the right set of keywords, your job is only partially done. The strategic use and placement of these keywords in the content will drive prospective clients to your site.

The true importance of keyword research can be appreciated by the fact that it is always the first and foremost activity in the entire online marketing campaign. This can also be attributed to the vital link between page ranking position and quality of the keyword.