4 W’s to Consider for Successful Digital Content Marketing Strategy

Mike Smith
Created by Mike Smith Oct 12, 2020

4 W’s to Consider for Successful Digital Content Marketing Strategy

When you have a strategy, it means you have a goal. When you have a goal, it means you are focused and prepared to march ahead.

To put it other words, there is no focus without a goal. And where there is no goal, there is no strategy.

Digital content marketing strategy denotes that you are ready with the goal to create ripples, even waves, in the online and the offline world. And if you wish to have the best of ‘both worlds,’ you must first know the difference between content strategy and strategy for content marketing.

Content strategy

Content strategy focuses on creating and distributing well-written content at relevant sources.

Digital content marketing strategy

Digital content marketing strategy revolves around using the content through various digital marketing channels, keeping in mind customer’s preferences, trends, and experiences.

The strategy is a comprehensive plan, not just a set of marketing tactics. Moreover, it does not limit to content.

The key element for success

For successful implementation of your strategy, you must know the 3 W’s:

1.   Who: Who your audience is
2.   Why: Why you believe they are your audience
3.   What: What your audience wants from you

For example, you are an online garden plants and tools supplier.

Who is your audience?

Your audience is the chunk of population who loves gardening. They could range from adolescents to middle age and senior citizens.

However, at present, your target audience is young people. You wish to bring them closer to nature through gardening.

Why you believe they are your audience?

They are young, energetic people with open minds. You can help to develop an interest of gardening in them by telling them the benefits.

What does the audience want from you?

Being the younger generation, they want quick tips and convenient ways of gardening, plus cool accessories and supplies.

You can develop a campaign that highlights the problems young gardeners face and how your products can solve them.

The product that promises to solve the problems of people and fulfill their needs is more likely to be a hit.

However, for a product to be a hit, you need a sound content marketing plan, which reaches the relevant audience and informs them about the product.

Network that gets wide and wider

A great digital content marketing plan is the one that targets a myriad of digital sources such as blog posts, social media platforms, inboxes of audience, video platforms, and others.

If you not sure how to go about distributing your plan, it is better to contact digital marketing experts. They are dedicated to this type of marketing and know the nuances of it.

The 4th W

Do you know another key element for successful digital content marketing strategy is to know “where” your audience is? So, this is the 4th W you must consider.

Your target customers might be more available on the Facebook or Instagram or love to Google a lot. Many people are regular YouTube visitors. Knowing the regular online “hangouts” of your audience helps you target them better.

When it comes to the digital world, plan according to what clicks with the audience.