"Never Say Never"

On this Valentine’s Day, country singer and songwriter Ashley Puckett hopes you fall in love with her debut project. Never Say Never is the culmination of those early days spent in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, performing at local open-mic nights to the countless time spent in the studio crafting timeless music like her latest single “Bulletproof.” Released on her birthday, the song is an empowering anthem complete with pounding guitar strums and a booming voice from the young starlet. She can command an entire room full of people, no matter the size, and do it with ease. She can easily switch it up on a song like “Medicine,” and sing about a lover who relieves all the pain she has experienced in her life with a soothing tone. As she says herself, the album “is just the beginning of something spectacular” for her, and if the music is any indication, she is set to start her rise to the top very soon!

"Never Say Never" artwork


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