How to Share a Presentation from an Android Phone?

It's conceivable to give an extraordinary introduction utilizing your mobile phone – everything necessary is a little skill, or now and again, an additional link. Here's the manner by which to transform your Android telephone into an introduction instrument.

Stream remotely

AllCast is an Android-viable application that permits you to remotely stream content from your telephone to an outer screen or TV. To utilize AllCast you'll require a viable set-top box. Upheld gadgets incorporate Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Google's Chromecast just as Smart TVs from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.

Once the application is introduced on both your cell phone and auxiliary gadget, you can stream your business introduction to a bigger presentation utilizing a Wi-Fi association.

Interface with a projector

More established projectors for phones generally associate with PCs by means of a VGA port, while more current projectors interface through a HDMI port. Shockingly, your Android cell phone presumably has neither of those. In any case, there are still approaches to connect your telephone to a projector and shaft your business introduction onto a divider. To do as such, you'll have to buy a connector: either miniature USB to HDMI or miniature USB to VGA, contingent upon the sort of projector you are working with.

Utilizing a projector has clear favorable circumstances over associating your cell phone to an advanced presentation. In particular, it permits you to show your business introduction at any size and on pretty much any divider or level surface, enabling you to address bigger gatherings.

Interface with a TV or screen

In the event that you approach a TV or screen however don't have any desire to experience the arrangement important to associate remotely, you can utilize links to interface. Since not many Android cell phones gloat a HDMI yield port — most are restricted to a miniature USB port — you'll require a MHL connector. This link plugs legitimately into your cell phone's charging port toward one side and highlights a full-size HDMI port on the opposite end. Few out of every odd cell phone upholds MHL network, in any case, so check with your telephone's maker first.

Use Chromecast

In the event that you as of now use Chromecast, or in the event that you were anticipating buying it in any case, you can utilize it to reflect your telephone on your TV. When your Chromecast is set up, you can undoubtedly associate your telephone to it by downloading the Google Home application. Next, ensure Power Saving Mode is killed on your telephone, as having it turned on may meddle with your capacity to project your telephone's screen onto your TV.

Associate your telephone to a similar Wi-Fi as your Chromecast and open the Google Home application. Select the Menu. At that point Cast Screen/sound. From that point you ought to have the option to distinguish and choose your Chromecast gadget. In the event that you have to alter the volume of your introduction, you can experience the Google Home application and select Devices to discover the Volume slider.