Harry Potter House Quiz - Decide Your Hogwarts House

We all know the most famous J.K. Rowling story. When she had the unbelievable idea of building the ‘Harry Potter novel series, she caught a train going from Manchester City to London. On that specific train is where the true idea of building the ‘Harry Potter’ type was born. Did you know that she only wanted a long journey to outline the overall plot of the novel almost immediately?

At the moment, she didn’t know that a few years later, that simplistic idea will roll out to be the most flourishing bestselling series ever. It is loved everywhere, particularly modern kids.

When you read the books or watch the movies, the first thing that will get attention is the case that there are four houses in Hogwarts. Each house specifies specific ideas, so it’s only simple for followers to wonder which one they fit. Well, take this Harry Potter House Quiz, and you shall find out!

Before searching into the Harry Potter House Quiz, let us jump into the causes that made the story scattered over the world in a very less amount of time. As a reward, I’ll also be describing the differences among the houses of Hogwarts school.

Know Why Everyone Loves Harry Potter?

Power of Imagination

When we read the books, we discover that J.K. Rowling built a whole mysterious world expecting the reader to discover its pitch, characters, strange creatures, and so much more! It’s like the whole story comes active, and we can simply visualize it in front of our eyes!

You can approximately picture Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry with his injury and his round glasses, Hermione with her devotion to learning, Ron with his signature red hair, etc.

Each role in the book has its own story and character. The equivalent goes for the various houses, which is the reason I designed this Harry Potter House Quiz.
If we take the finest look at the details specified in the books, we can see the prediction that fills the background. The charm is just very strong, particularly when we are introduced to new ideas!

Do you remember the view in the first part of the series ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ when Ron met Harry for the opening time on the train going to Hogwarts, and they had their first interview? There were bouncing frogs everywhere made of chocolate! Photographs with moving people! And let’s not forget about the great jellybeans of every imaginable character you could think of, including Booger, Earthworm, and even Earwax. Disgusting, huh?

Good versus Bad Duality and Fun

The ‘Harry Potter series is the type of book that makes us smile and cry at the same time. Let us take the time to memorize which parts are the most entertaining.
The first aspects that come to the brain are, without difficulty, Fred and George Weasley. The twins can change any bad circumstances into a chuckling scene for the reader. We can enjoy their awkwardness anytime, even when a curse killed George’s ear!

Other personalities described some very important features. For that, we consider the best Trio: Hermione Granger: She explained to us our high work ethic and energy to assist others. Ron showed us faith and the value of loving our friends, and Harry explained to us the meaning of courage and challenging your worries.

The three of them described the good in the novels, fighting toward evil. That said, their fight was also toward greed and lust for power.

Explaining Hogwarts Houses Before the Harry Potter House Quiz
Before taking the Harry Potter House Quiz, you must understand the differences between the four houses of Hogwarts.


This is the House of the bravest of them all! And Harry Potter, of course. Gryffindor is described as the best in the series. We see its many students, places, and lessons all the time. From these events, we’ve studied that Gryffindors are brave in heart, sometimes wild, frequently humorous, and very tight-knit. 


This is the foremost rival House of Gryffindor. Slytherin is the home for cunning and enthusiasm. And Draco Malfoy! Though somewhat cast in a bad light in the series, Slytherin is more than decent and snarky comments. You’ll also get some of the bravest characters here. And being original is a useful feature. 


This is the House of hardworking and generous people. And Newt Scamander! Others usually ignore Hufflepuff, but it has given the world many famous and successful wizards and magicians. Hufflepuff kindness and loyalty are the dignities of the House!


Ravenclaw is the House of original and imagination. And Luna Lovegood! We don’t see much of this House, but some people that we meet all play a crucial role in some period of Harry’s life. These House values personalities who value education but also want to represent themselves in imaginative ways. 

And now, let’s get sorted into your right Hogwarts House!

We can find a dozen more pros to become a part of each House. In truth, all of them are great and should remain one united family to raise exceptional wizards and witches. Enjoy this Harry Potter House quiz and share your results with us! Remember that it's about where you'll do the best. The result may surprise you!

Now, without further ado, take this Harry Potter House Quiz to find out to which house you belong!

Marry Watson
Created by Marry Watson May 25, 2021