It’s Christmas Eve, where are you?

What festive food do you always forget?

What part of Christmas do you most look forward to?

When do you put up your Christmas tree?

What Christmas food is always leftover in your house?

What Christmas gift would you most like to receive?

When do you start planning for Christmas?



You've got the Christmas dinner, but you're worried about the rest. From pints of milk to loaves of bread, you overbuy the basics because you’re stocking up for an imagined apocalypse.

Don't end up drowning in milk, follow our Christmas tips to reduce food waste and ensure a Merry Christmas.



Picture the scene, it's Christmas eve, and you're fighting your way through the supermarket crowds hoping to bag the last turkey. You grab as much food as you can carry and throw it in the trolley, leaving with far too many potatoes and not nearly enough stuffing.

Calm the panic with our helpful tips, to ensure a peaceful Christmas without needless waste.



From colour-coded lists to meticulously planned meals, your Christmas is carried out with military precision. While planning is essential, you tend to overdo it and find much of your feast is wasted. 

Follow our tips to take your planning to the next level and make Christmas even more perfect by eliminating food waste. 

What kind of Christmas food shopper are you?