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Larry Israel
Created by Larry Israel Jul 17, 2020

Welcome to an EX.CO Story!

This is a simple template to help you understand how to use the EX.CO platform to create your most engaging content.

You can just click "Use this template", which will open the creator for this specific article, or "Use without content", which will open the structure of this article without any of the words or images. The buttons are in the bottom right hand corner of this article.

Pastor and James

A poll is a very simple way to get started

Have you ever built a poll before?

Calculating results

Perhaps you have some complex information you want to convey simply

Convo is the perfect format for that:

Participant say

Convo allows you to write content that mimics the look and feel of instant messaging

Participant say

Oh cool, so I can use it for interviews or reporting direct speech?

Participant say

You can actually use it for all sorts of things

Participant say

Like this Timeline, about the potted evolution of storytelling:

1440 say

The printing press was invented

1989 say

Tim Berners Lee invents the internet

2020 say

You discover EX.CO and start creating interactive content to tell your stories

Participant say

Or you can use it to mimic conversation or provide FAQs

Participant say


EX.CO say

Can't wait to see what you build!

At EX.CO, we think digital content should be something you experience, not just passively consume. That's why we built a suite of tools that will help you transform your ordinary linear content into something much more engaging and memorable.

This is just a short example to get you started, but we have a whole range of experiences, and a whole range of templates for you to try.

Our experiences:

So what are you waiting for?

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