Extensive Benefits of Electronic Health Records in Healthcare Industry

Using Electronic Health Records (EHRs), all the history of patient’s medical data can be recorded and stored appropriately in a centralized system. In olden days and even now in some healthcare organizations health records of the patients are saved on paper. However, technical advancements have changed this scenario and the health records can be saved in digital formats.

EHRs are one of the most important products of healthcare IT services due to the immense benefits they offer. EHRs focus on the complete health of the patients. They allow hassle-free tracking of massive data of hundreds of patients that enters the healthcare organizations every single day. Documents like patient forms, their test reports, prescriptions or any other related documents can be maintained well. EHRs also allow sharing of this information with other healthcare bodies like laboratories, pharmacies or other branches of the hospitals. This enhances the quality of medical services and care provided to the patients.

Healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics and even individual medical practices have been taking advantage of EHRs in several ways. They are very useful not only to the practitioners but also to the patients. In this article, we have highlighted the significant benefits of EHRs.

Top advantages of Electronic Health Records

  • Keeping a record of up-to-date and accurate data about the patients in digital format
  • Ensuring fast access to the medical data of patients for efficient and coordinated care
  • Sharing the electronic medical data in a safe and secure manner with patients or other hospital staff
  • Helping proper documentation of all the patient data
  • Decreasing paperwork and setting the hospital staff free for other important tasks
  • Enabling more effective diagnosis of patients with reduced medical errors and safer operations; thus improving the health of patients
  • Boosting interaction and communication between patients and care providers
  • Ensuring that the patient data remains safe and secure
  • Enabling the patients to review their medical history, take necessary precautions and be alert about their treatments.
  • Helping the care providers to enhance their productivity and efficiency while meeting their business goals
  • Integrating patient data from different resources for better clinical decision-making

There are many ways Electronic Health Records are improving the functioning of medical facilities. They ensure that the processes become faster because the entries are not done manually. EHRs increase transparency so that doctors can immediately access previous health issues of the patients and provide better treatment.

Providing remote treatments is possible with EHRs as they can be easily paired with the healthcare management system or health apps or smartphones. It forms a powerful connection and important patient data can be accessed from anywhere. As a result, doctors can follow-up with patients and keep in touch. This facility is extremely helpful in case of an emergency. One more benefit that EHRs provide is improving inventory management of drugs. Recording the data alerts of the concerned person for increasing the drug supply in a timely manner.

The bottom line:

Investing in an EHR system can be a highly beneficial decision for any medical organization. Making the transition from paper-based processes to Electronic Health Records has already transformed many organizations. It also provides a competitive advantage to a hospital. Not only small or large hospitals but even insurance companies, government hospitals, etc. have started adopting and implementing EHRs.

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