The Impact of Merging Music Genres

Justin Tyler
Created by Justin Tyler Mar 16, 2021

Music has always played a major role in our life- whether if it is to provide relief and peace for the soul or strike a spark of inspiration into our hearts. Hence, why musicians are always trying to create phenomenal music to impact the crowd with their songs and leave their mark as one of the best musicians of their lifetime.
After many years of improvising with music, many artists have come across the brilliant idea of combining various genres and creating unique songs as a result. However, the process is quite tricky. Since every music genre has its own roots and traditional style, many have failed to successfully merge several genres as a single music piece.

The art of merging genres together is a delicate process that requires an in-depth understanding of each of their music concepts and structures and fine-tuning them accordingly to one another. But why do musicians go through the trouble of merging them? Simply because the benefits of combining these genres far outweigh the setbacks that might occur.

If you are curious to know what these advantages are, then allow us to provide you with further insight into the subject from the benefits we have discussed below.

Turns Your Sound into Something Unique

In a world where we have been in the presence of music for many centuries now, we have grown accustomed to the familiar sounds and melodies of diverse types of music.

Naturally, if we suddenly came across a completely new sound, it is bound to intrigue our interest and pull us towards its unknown appealing sound. Plus, this will make your genre memorable as well. And those who have been attracted or are curious about your new type of music will try to search for it, and who knows - they might even end up joining your fan base.

Attracting Diverse Music Listeners

Everybody has their own taste of music, which is why they have a specific list of creators that they follow who provide them with the song of their interest.

When you merge different genre sounds together, you end up multiplying the number of your audience according to the types of genre you have used in your song. Consequently, increasing your audience and boosting your popularity at the same time.

Endless Creativity

With so many musical genres available across the globe, you end up having endless possibilities to mix any or all of them together to create unique pieces of music art.

However, you need to keep in mind that not all genres merged combined sound super amazing. In fact, many artists have attempted to combine several genres together, but the discordant sound that came out, as a result, was extremely off-putting to the majority of the audience.

Although, there have been many cases where the most different genres, such as rap and opera, combined together brought about the creation of unexpectedly fantastic music.

American rapper and CEO of record label '700 Family' Ceno is one of the few artists who are making use of other genres and adding their influence to their songs. The main inspiration behind Ceno's songs is classical music- which he uses to transform his rap music into something completely new. For that purpose, his popularity has skyrocketed and made him one of the most impressive figures within the music industry.