Will Tinting My Windows Make My House Colder in the Winter?

Johnson Darcy
Created by Johnson Darcy Jun 1, 2020

Will Tinting My Windows Make My House Colder in the Winter?

We’ve all been there. The weather is freezing cold and we nudge the thermostat constantly to get the right temperature. Others painstakingly tend to opening and closing curtains at just the right time throughout the day in belief that they are warming their house efficiently with sunlight. All this is for naught when their heater runs throughout the night to get the house back up to temperature after the sun sets. There is a better solution!
As a homeowner, you are always looking for new and cost-effective ways to heat or cool your home. In the winter, everyone relies on their heating. This is where window film comes in. At Meridian Window Tint, we specialize in installing 3M window film. A popular choice for many homeowners across the US, there are many benefits that you can reap from having 3M window film installed in your home or in your office.

How Does Window Film Work?
You might be wondering, how do window films actually work? Window films regulate energy flow that comes through your windows – no matter what the season. Promoting energy efficiency, your house retains a more consistent temperature, meaning that you don’t have to keep turning the heat up in winter. As the angle of the sun changes throughout the day, you can enjoy a stable temperature.
3M window films give you the benefit of a high-performance window without having to replace your current windows. A budget-friendly option and an energy-efficient alternative, it will improve the insulation of your windows and your home at a fraction of the cost of window replacement. Controlling the interior climate, maintaining your beautiful view, it’s the ideal solution to a room that’s too hot in the summer or one that’s too cold in the winter months; you can now enjoy your home or office without having to worry about large heating and cooling bills.
Not only can they help to heat your space and reduce glare, but they can also add privacy during the day without you having to constantly pull down the blinds/draw the curtains.

How Can Window Film Help Improve Energy Efficiency
You want your home to be comfortable without having to spend hard-earned money on high energy bills. These are two major factors that go hand in hand when it comes to cooling or heating your home. Ideally, you want to find a quick and easy fix.
By having Meridian Window Tint install 3M window films, During the summer months, you can enjoy the days by letting the sunlight in whilst reflecting the incoming heat. Blocking up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that the sun produces, it will not only help to protect your family but also your furniture and floors from sun bleaching. In the winter, window films work by retaining the heat inside your property so that you will be kept warm and cozy. Improving energy efficiency by up to 25%, they are an investment that can be used to save energy and reduce overall costs to heat and cool your home as well as costs associated with maintaining your furnace or air conditioner.
Basically, window film is almost like an invisible thermal shield where no heat escapes from your windows in the colder seasons – whilst keeping the temperature at bay in the warmer months. Installed directly on your window panes, window film will slow energy transfer between the outside and inside of your property.

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