What You Should Know About Safety and Security Window Film

Johnson Darcy
Created by Johnson Darcy Jun 1, 2020

What You Should Know About Safety and Security Window Film

Protecting your family and home is your number one priority and you'll do whatever it takes to keep everyone and everything safe. If you're considering installing window security film, it's important that you first understand what it can and cannot do to protect you.

What Is Window Security Film?
As the name implies, it's a film that is applied to your home or business's windows to help make them more secure and less prone to dangerous breakage.

What Does Security Film Do?
The purpose of window security film is to make window film glass harder to penetrate, whether by a criminal, hail, a ball, or other flying debris. Security film reinforces glass in your windows so they are more sturdy. It won't allow the broken glass to shatter and fly into the room where it can harm you, a family member, or your possessions.

The Myths and Facts About Safety and Security Film
We want you to have clear expectations when installing this type of window film for your home or business. Since we often find there is a misunderstanding about the characteristics and uses of safety and security window film, we feel it’s important to educate our clients about the facts, so let’s explore some common myths regarding safety and security window film.

MYTH: It is installed to prevent theft and intruders from entering a home or business.
FACT: Safety and security window film will not prevent someone that wants to enter a property from entering. It is, however, designed to slow an intruder down and make it more difficult to get through the glass. This hopefully allows more time for you to react by calling the police, etc. If someone is perseverant enough, they will still enter a property regardless of safety and security window film.

MYTH: It is bulletproof.
FACT: Safety and security film is not bulletproof. It does, however, help hold glass pieces and fragments after the impact from a bullet. Bullets will still penetrate through the film and glass, and no window film manufacturer can make a certifiable claim that this product will stop bullets.

MYTH: It is a primary defense.
FACT: You might be thinking that security film is a good substitute for an alarm system or other security devices, but that's not true. While it does make it harder for the glass to be broken and your property to be breached, it's not completely secure. Safety and security film is not a primary defense and should be used in conjunction with other home safety systems/deterrents. For instance, you should also make sure that your doors are locked when you're away or asleep, and you have a security system and lights installed to ward off intruders.

MYTH: Crime is going up and will continue to go up, so safety and security film are more important than ever.
FACT: Perception is reality, and while it may seem that crime is going up it isn’t necessarily true. We can only speak for the current situation in the Boise, Idaho area. Boise crime rates have been declining for the last 25 years. Will that trend continue? It’s hard to say. As the population increases in the Treasure Valley, the popular notion is that more people means more crime. Again, that is not necessarily true. Proper policing and prosecution of criminal activity is a major factor that contributes to a locale’s crime trends and statistics. The steps you take to come up with security solutions to protect your family and your property shouldn’t entirely rest upon your shoulders. It’s really a community effort where you rally the support of your neighbors. We highly recommend participating in your local Neighborhood Watch program, whether it is joining one established for your neighborhood or working with local law enforcement to set up one for your area. Community policing, with the support of local law enforcement, has made a tremendous impact on lowering crime in areas where it is used.

MYTH: It should be installed on every window.
FACT: We recommend only adding safety and security window film at main points of access to your home including glass doors and sidelights around your doors/entry. While we could profit by installing it on every window of your property (and people have asked us) we feel it’s important to be open and honest with our customers and only sell them what we believe to be beneficial. There is no need to spend the money to put it on every window unless you have evidence to the contrary. We want you to be an informed customer and to earn your trust that we will not sell you something that won't do what you think it does or something that you do not need.

Why You Should Consider 3M Safety and Security Film?
The weather in Treasure Valley can be dangerous at times with strong thunderstorms, gale-force winds, and hail.
And, despite the fact that the crime rates have dropped in recent years, criminals are still active. To protect your family and your home, consider installing 3M Safety and Security Film on your glass entry doors and their sidelights. If you want to learn more about 3M security film products and how it can help keep your loved ones safer at home, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a no-obligation estimate for installation in your home.

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