Is Network Marketing a Ponzi Scheme?

Lend To Borrowers with Stable Money

When lending money for long-term, when you never anticipate what unexpected events might occur to the borrower, it's better to provide to people who have secure income. Great borrowers with stable money, always approach their finances and have useful goals.

Have a Good Loan Repayment History

Great borrowers also have a feeling of integrity. They pay back the agreed sum in time. Frequently it's one of the very overlooking faculties wanted by the lenders from the borrowers that are availing their funds.

Thus great loan repayment history is crucial before lending your money to the crowd.

Choose giving a 36-month (3 years) loan

As increasing the tenure of the loan, also increases the interest rates, all the knowledgeable borrowers prefer to stick with a 3 year loan. So contemplate giving loans to individuals who are seeking 36 months loans. Because most of the time such borrowers are far more consistent in making their funds promptly than those that adds for longer times.

Search For Cultural Networking Hyperlinks

Yet another way for locating the stability of one's borrowers and to understand as to whom you're lending is to learn about your 借款 borrowers from social network websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It has been observed that verifying borrower's references online through these tools, often provides the lenders with better insight in regards to the borrower's character and their personal traits.

Look for Educational and Household Details

Last although not the smallest amount of, academic references and household background of the borrowers is yet another method of understanding as to where you are endangering your funds. It's been observed that borrowers who originates from excellent family ties and are qualified, usually keeps up to their obligations and have a much better feeling of integrity than people who are unfounded or have controversial and shady family upbringing.