By Sunday morning she felt back in charge. After all, Tyler was the one who put on her clothes. He wanted to be a girl. Well, she wanted a man. It seemed he was headed in a different direction and she was entitled to satisfaction. Besides, she had told the truth, and had not taken a cock inside her anywhere. It was just a byproduct of Ellie's activity that led to her having cum in her mouth. It was just cum, not like a real cock. When he came down she had him make breakfast and serve her, then had him wash her in the shower, slapping his hand any time he seemed to touch her in a sensual way, and then she dressed in jeans and a t-shirt while telling him to wear his pink babydoll all day.

They didn't talk much and he did as told. He was already getting used to the added weight of the metal cage, and by now he'd worn the breast forms so much that he noticed the missing weight when he didn't wear them, such as now. A sheer babydoll was not good for wearing forms and keeping them in place. She did make him wear the heels all the time and after three weeks he was walking on them without any problems, even getting in some hip sway. She watched him for a while, thinking it was a bit of a shame he dressed as a man to go to work. He had the looks, the voice, the movements, pretty much everything he needed to pass off as a girl. Well, a sissy girl. There was no getting around the contents of his metal cage. Other than that, Diana was becoming quite a sexy girl. Sooner or later, she would need to take the final step. Tanya had been giving clear instructions to guys not to actually have sex, and Brad had really pushed the limit with his tongue tip picture. That angered her as well, as she realized Diana had gotten cum on her tongue and yet got all upset about her having cum taste in her mouth. Sissies didn't deserve double standards unless their mistress had the rules in her favor.

Shortly after lunch a package arrived. She considered sending Diana out for it, then decided to get it herself. She put it on the counter and called in Diana. An advance notice on her phone let her know what it was. Other items would be arriving during the week, but this was going to set off a new beginning. Tanya ordered Diana to open the package and watched her eyes widen as the pink cuff and collar set was revealed. A set of locks was provided and a few minutes later Diana stood with the black collar off and the pink set locked onto neck, wrists, and ankles gay porn movies

"Now, sissy, go upstairs and get my harness from my toy drawer. Bring me the harness and the 7 and 9 inch dildos. You have 3 minutes or I'll send you back for the big dildo. Go." Diana hurried up the stairs, locks jingling lightly, and began looking through drawers trying to find the toy drawer. She hadn't looked at the time and felt hurried but tried to open and close drawers without messing up the carefully folded clothes. Finally the items were found and Diana paused. In the same drawer was a penis gag, a blindfold, some weights, and nipple clamps. She shook her head, closed the drawer and hurried back downstairs. "That's a shame, you had 12 seconds to spare." She had removed her pants and now strapped herself into the harness. "Did you like the other toys already in the drawer?" Diana just looked at her. "I asked you a question." "Yes, Miss Tanya, I liked them." She smiled and patted his cheek. "No you didn't, I can tell by the look in your eyes, but it sounded nice. I should have recorded that."

She slipped the 7 inch dildo into the ring of the harness and told him to kneel. "This shouldn't be so hard. You've seen me tease you, and Brad gave you quite a lesson last night from what he texted. I'm just surprised he only sent me one of the pictures." She patted the end of the dildo against his cheek. "Start teasing. You have 4 minutes to make me believe you really want to suck my cock."

Diana decided that after last night this would be easy. She had been ready to take a cock in the mouth rather than face an unknown punishment. It really did come down to the option Tanya had stated the other day. He could accept being her sissy or he could leave. Leaving would almost certainly result in pictures distributed. He would need to completely change his life, moving and not letting anybody know where he went. This was not the curious about being a girl he had considered, but it seemed this was now his life unless he was willing to take major steps to change it gay live cams

After several minutes of her watching him lick and kiss and tongue and otherwise tease the unfeeling dildo she grabbed his hair and started pushing her hips forward. She slowly moved in about half the length and told him to lick with his mouth open. By turning her head she could see the drool dripping down. She slowly began moving her hips again, stroking about half the length, gradually pushing deeper. "So Miss cum-on-her-tongue wanted to accuse me of having cum in my mouth? I told you the truth when I said it all came from Ellie." She pushed all the way in, holding his head and feeling him pull back. "Relax and feel it in your throat." Diana did the best she could and found she could barely control the urge to gag. When the struggle ended Tanya went back to her slow stroking. "Did you put in for Friday off his week?" Diana made a "guh guh" sound and nodded. "You won't ever challenge me again, will you?" Another gurgled sound with a head shake. Once again she pushed her hips forward and held Diana's head. "No, I'm sure you won't, or we'll be working the big one down your throat, though that might make it very hard to breath."

Tanya stepped back and grabbed 2 locks from the counter. "One to keep your ankles together and one to keep your wrists. Go." She took off the dildo and attached the 9 inch. It wasn't that much thicker, but tip to balls it was as long as the 7 inch dildo was from the cup. Once Diana had locked herself Tanya stepped back and pushed the head of the new dildo into her wet mouth. "Now you're going to train for a real man, not an average one." Diana wondered briefly how Tanya would know what was 'real' and what was 'average', but decided to keep that question unasked. Five minutes later she was able to take the entire length until the balls pressed her chin, though not for long and not without effort. "You've done well today, so it's time for your reward." She helped him up and bent him over the counter.

There was no question what was going to happen and he tried to relax as much as possible, wishing Tanya had started with the smaller one. He heard the package tear and soon after felt the warm wet head against his ass, then the pressure to open built up. She was working it slowly, rocking and turning her hips as his muscle relaxed, gradually going in as it did. "I'll remind you again. If I didn't love you, I would just push this all the way in. I don't want to break you physically, and it would really help if you would get yourself mentally set to help me explore this side. I want you to enjoy being a sissy girl as much as I'm enjoying having this control. That would be perfect." As she said the last word the head slipped in and Diana groaned. Tanya kept working it in and was soon sliding all 7 usable inches in and out at a steady pace. After about 5 minutes she spanked him and said, "That's me cumming in your ass. Now stay bent over the counter and let my cream run down your legs while I clean up double penetration gay porn movies

Of course, there was no cream, but he stayed bent over and thought about if there were cream. He also thought about how she was asking him to go along with her, to help her. Well, he was the one who was caught first, and he felt he had a handle on how things could get out of control. Unless Tanya was very different from the woman he thought he married, she was wading out into the deep water and would soon find herself in trouble. He was going to stand by her and help the woman he loved, but not the way she was thinking of it today.

Shortly after they had cleaned up from lunch Diana was doing her assigned homework, watching videos of sissies being used and Tanya was looking at her blog posts when Tanya's phone sounded. She picked it up and frowned, not recognizing the number, but then she saw the caller ID and smiled as she answered. "Hello."

Diana could only listen to one side of the conversation, though he did hear a male voice respond. "Oh, Kyle, how did you ..." "I see, my sweet sister gave you my phone number. How kind of her." Kyle was at his sweetest, but kept his voice low so only Tanya would hear him. "I feel like we parted with some tension in the air last night and I'd like to have a chance to make it up to you." "I see, so you want another pair of my panties?" Tanya giggled while Diana tried not to show her surprise. "I promise, this time you can take your panties home with you. I'd like to treat you to 'Sunset' on Tuesday night, just you and me." "Kyle, but where I go Diana goes with me. We're a package deal."

Kyle didn't change his tone, but the pitch lowered a little more. "Tanya, baby, are you really in charge there or is the guy in the cage still telling you what you can do? I thought you owned him and you did as you pleased." "So now it's about me." "Yes, it's about you. I've been trying to force you to accept something before you were ready. I want to give you pleasure that Miss Sissy can't give you." "That sounds like there's only one thing on your mind." "You have to admit, I can offer more than she could even without the cage. And your sister didn't seem to mind that one thing."

Tanya flushed a little remembering how she had been manipulated into getting cum in her mouth, but then, she really hadn't minded it. "You do have a point there. Ok, I'll meet you at the club at 7 and I need to be home by 11. Does that make you happy?" Diana's stomach was feeling squeezed again. "That would be wonderful. Remember, just you. The last 2 times I saw you we had distractions, this time it's all about you." "I'll make the arrangements, yes. See you Tuesday." She ended the call and looked at Diana. As much as he wanted to protest, as much as he smelled something wrong and feared for the future of their marriage, he knew saying something would just be a bad idea and kept looking at his book. Tanya returned to reading her blogs, now typing in an entry about possibly taking that big step of truly cuckolding her husband in a few days.

Tuesday after dinner she gave her instructions to Diana. No TV, she was to practice her feminine voice for a half hour, sexy walk for another half hour, then try on the 6 inch heels and practice for at least 15 minutes. A half hour of watching sissy videos, then clean up and in bed by 9. There would be no waiting up for her. Diana meekly nodded and said, "Yes, Miss Tanya," then knelt submissively to accept her pat on the head. To his surprise, Tanya lifted his chin and kissed him on the lips. "I love you," she said, and then she was out the door and on her way to her date. Diana could not understand the contrast at all.

Kyle was sitting at a table near the dance floor and ordered her a drink a soon as he saw her. They chatted for a bit while drinking, then had half a second round before getting up to dance. Tanya was surprised to learn Kyle was much more complicated than just a walking cock looking for a home. While they danced he kept his distance at first, but slowly he moved closer. By the end of the third drink they were dancing and he was once again grinding his bulging pants on her ass, carefully circling so he kept raising the back of her black dress and making her push it back down. He pulled her back and licked her ear before whispering, "Leave it up. You have a nice ass and you should show it off." The next time she reached to push it down he gently moved her hands away. To her surprise, she let him.

When they stopped to return to the table, he pulled her skirt down and gave her a swat. "You weren't the only girl with her ass out, but you were the prettiest." She blushed at his coarse compliment and took her seat.

She smiled as the fourth drink was set down in front of her. "And this is for my pleasure?" He smiled back, "I can't say it's ALL about you. If I didn't enjoy rubbing you I wouldn't do it. And I've been nice to you before, only ordering a marguerita for that sissy girlfriend of yours."

Tanya raised her eyebrows, remembering when the server at the lounge suggested a rita, then Diana had not ordered another. "You did something to the drink?"

Kyle laughed and leaned forward, speaking softly so she had to lean in as well. This gave him the opportunity to look down her top. "I know a lot of the staff at that place, including your server. That just happened, it wasn't planned. Anyway, I slipped her 50 to suggest a rita, then have a guy in the back they call jackrabbit provide a little extra flavoring." He smiled, quite pleased with himself.

Tanya looked at him. "Jackrabbit?" Kyle moved closer. "Yeah, because he's so fast, if you know what I mean. In 30 seconds he had what I was paying for and she brought out the drink for Diana." Now Tanya's eyes opened and she moved back a little. "You fed her cum, and didn't ask me first?" "Babe, he never knew what it was, and it was just a joke I played. I did tell you now, didn't I? It's not like he was never going to get a mouthful, and the next mouthful I think will be straight from the tap, isn't it?"

She sat back a little. "Diana is mine, and you should respect my wishes more."

Kyle laughed. "Yeah, she's yours, and you and your sister are training her to suck cock." Tanya's eyes narrowed a little. "My sister talks too much." "Maybe, but she tells me you are an excellent teacher. And the way you handled your bitch the other night, wow, how could I not want a little of that. Pretty woman, skilled mouth, hot body, you really make me horny."

The drinks and the compliment softened her up a bit. She was unsure of what to do now and he saw it. He grabbed her hand. "Come on, good music is playing and we should be dancing, not talking." They were soon back on the dance floor and he was rubbing her again from the back, once again keeping her hands from pushing down her skirt. She didn't understand why she let him move her hands. He had broken the rules, and her trust, what she had of trust. And here he was, once again pawing at her like nothing had happened. And she was letting him. The song changed and he turned her around, rubbing on her front and clasping her hands so she couldn't push down her dress. As she moved she felt it drop again and he whispered in her ear, "The dress will take care of itself and nobody in this club will mind a little ass showing. You're getting a lot of attention with that hot little body."

As he rubbed her she was aware that his body was pretty warm as well, and he was right. He had more to offer than her husband ever could as far as size. She had had sex with dates before Tyler, but none were this large. She wondered if it would hurt or feel wonderful or ... she shook her head, bringing her back to him dancing behind her, rubbing his cock against her and holding her waist, sliding his hands up, quickly cupping and squeezing her breasts, then stepping away. "Let's go to my place for a final drink." Taking her by the hand he didn't give her time to answer. Back to the table to finish the glasses, he dropped a nice tip, then they got her purse and he was leading her out the door. They were halfway down the block before she managed to say, "I never agreed to go to your place." He didn't stop. "No, but you aren't pulling back very hard."

She had to admit that was true, being turned on by all the rubbing and his forcefulness. There was no Ellie or anybody else to rescue her now. He got her to his truck and spun her around, pressing her back to the fender just as he did with her the first night while Diana watched. Now nobody was watching and his hand reached under her dress, pushing the panties aside and shoving two fingers into the wetness he found. He looked into her eyes and said, "You're soaking wet, so don't you tell me you don't want it."

He jammed his fingers in harder and brought her quickly to the edge of an orgasm, then he bent and pulled off her panties. Just as she thought she was going to lose another pair he came back up and said, "I told you I'd send you home with your panties." Her mouth was slightly open and he shoved the panties in. She pulled back but he grabbed her hair and pulled her face close to his. "You keep those in there for safe keeping. If they come out, I'm going to throw you out of the truck and take them home with me. Am I clear?" Fear now showed in her eyes and he knew if he kept her there he could have whatever he wanted.

"Get into the back and sit with your hands at your sides." She complied, her musky flavor filling her mouth and knowing that bending over to get in gave him a full view of her ass. As if to make sure she knew it, he smacked the bare skin. She sat in the rear seat as ordered and he reached in, grabbing the seat belt. Tanya started to lift her arms but he told her to sit still and she put her hands back at her sides, confused and afraid. When he wrapped the seat belt around her, lightly pinning her hands in place, she understood that he was taking control. This was what she was supposed to be doing to Diana, but now she was terrified that Kyle was going to hurt her.

He got in and in 15 minutes they were at his house again. He pulled her out of the back seat and checked to make sure the panties were still in her mouth, then grabbed her hair and led her to the door. "Keep your hands behind your back while I get my key." She complied and he smiled as the door opened. She started to walk and he grabbed her. "Did I say to move?" She looked at him and shook her head. "Fine, take off your shoes and toss them out into the yard, so they aren't close to each other." She did as told and he paused, as if thinking of something, then told her to go in, walk to the couch, and kneel in front with her hands behind her back, facing the couch. As she walked into the living room he closed and locked the door. She knelt in fear, facing the couch, as he walked to the other side of the room and pressed a switch, waited a few seconds, then walked to a place next to Tanya.

"Look at you, kneeling there with your pussy all wet. The other night you declined my offer, saying you're married. But now you're here, alone, by your choice. You accepted my offer to go to the club, you didn't pull back when I suggested coming here, you've done everything I told you without once trying to run away or stop me. Don't you tell me about being married. I don't think you really care about that sissy in the cage with the little cock who is all so cute in his dresses, learning hard to act like a girl. You even admitted, you're teaching him to suck cock. That isn't a husband, that's a sissy cock sucker. You don't need that, you need this." He had been opening his pants and now he pushed them down to let his erect cock spring free. "Look at it and tell me you want it."

Tanya turned her head and looked. It was at least as large as the middle sized dildo, the one she had been using on Diana earlier today. She wanted to leave, she was terrified, she was also starved of cock for the past month and wanted desperately to feel one inside her. "Mmgmgg." "Take out the panties," he told her. She complied, holding the wet lace in her hand, looked up again and said, "I want it." How could she want it and not want it at the same time?

Kyle smiled down. "Then show it you want it. Be sensual, like you're training that cuck of yours to be and suck me." She kissed the head, then moved down, licked it, moved her mouth around it, having to make adjustments since it was larger than anything she had done before, but when it came time to commit she managed to slide down and take him to the balls, hold it for a few seconds, and come slowly back up again.