Billy Carson Share Tip to Write a Best-Selling Book That Everyone Yearns to Read

Jen Rossiter
Created by Jen Rossiter Nov 24, 2020

There is something that draws a line between a good writer and a stellar writer. Many believe that this could be the talent. However, Billy Carson, the author of the bestselling book, “The Compendium of ‘The Emerald Tablets,’ argues that any mediocre wordsmith could have as much of the talent as you. “It is just that there is, at some instant, a line in the sand, that many are not courageous enough to cross, keeping them from reaching the horizons of fame,” he says. With the exceptionally written book by Billy Carson, you are to embark on an exciting journey that delves into the history of the Emerald Tablets and the mysteries contained within these old, cryptic artifacts. The Emerald Tablets, as revealed in the book, was written by an ancient being, referred to as “Thoth The Atlantean.”

Billy Carson is one multi-talented person who is an incredible author, actor, and artist. He actively indulges in philanthropic activities, considering it his responsibility to pay back to the world, and thus impacting the lives of thousands of people. He is also the visionary behind the streaming TV network, The that strives to empower the viewers by providing a lifetime opportunity to explore reality like never before, revealing a deep understanding of mathematical codes that gave birth to the universe. Today, we joined in conversation with the maven, to know the greatest tips by him, to write the bestseller book, which everyone craves to read.

Billy Carson reveals that the plenteous of the curious souls have researched the greatest writers of history to know what made them special. “From contemporary gothic to the old-world philosopher and every other writer in between, are what I have read personally. Yet, I was determined that when they could, so could I, making me learn the subtle art of spellbinding readers with my enchanted play of words,” he says.

Get Back to the Elementary level

This bit of advice by Billy Carson may sound odd, yet it is surely the essential one. Carson explains that if anyone wishes to learn the flair for writing, then the key is to go back to the basics. “The trick to make your writing better is to learn the fundamentals of writing immediately from the start. Start from unlearning everything, and grab the old school textbooks, enroll yourself in a writing course, or take online training. All you need to do is take a fresh start,” he says.

The Mind Says What the Heart Feels

There is an endless debate over what the writer should write: what he thinks about the subject or what his mind speaks. “The truth is that speaking your mind is going overboard, and what you think you should write is a mere opinion. Yet, the exceptional writers, never show their hand or need to pull a foot out of their mouths, for they never speak their mind in an outburst,” he says.

Minute Details Matters the Most

Billy Carson reveals that the genuine writer knows it all lies in the details. “The one who writes from the soul may even become grammar Nazi, yet he also knows that following too close to the rules can bring forth monotonous writing. A writer needs to spice things up a bit, add a dash of excitement to the writing, and write in the manner that hijacks the imaginations of his readers,” he says.

Embrace The Shortcomings

Writer block is the genuine thing, yet not always can you keep lurking for the inspiration to strike so that you can begin penning down. “You must be courageous enough to write bad, even when you struggle to find apt words to express your thoughts. In fact, it is totally fine to write terribly bad unless you are determined to improve it. Yet, this truly does not mean that you begin to slap innumerable words, on the page, like painting a fence,” says Billy Carson.

The Reader Is Definitely a Leader

We have all grown up hearing these famous rhyming lines, ‘reader is a leader.’ “This is explicitly true for the writers too, for the art of reading makes you work with the words, empowering you to write effortlessly, all while capturing the mind of the readers," says Billy Carson.