How to Make a Roblox Hair [Epic Guide]

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How to Make a Roblox Hair [Epic Guide]

The best software to make customized hair on Roblox is Blender. Blender is an open-source 3D animation software and supports creating a 3D model, gear, animation, simulation, rendering, and motion tracking. 

If you are looking for a hairstyle other than the Roblox log, then you landed on the correct page! After tedious research of 1 month, we discovered that the easiest way to learn everything about the Blender software. 

But you do not have to do the hard work like me. And so, this post will show you how to make and sell any hairstyle on Roblox for free. Before that, you have to have an account with Roblox. If you are existing user on Roblox platform and forget your old password then find out your old password on Roblox password finder tool. Click on the link.

How to make Hair in Roblox?

Nobody wants to look at a basic avatar when starting Roblox for the first time. You require to have the basic knowledge of using Blender for making customized hair in Roblox. You should know only three things for making free Roblox hair.

Just for your relaxation, this post will show you how to use the software for creating hair so that you can learn in progress.

These are the steps to make a hair on Roblox

1. Export/Import Objects from Roblox Studio to Blender -

Open Roblox Studio and choose the Plugins option from the Toolbox section. If you do not have the plugin, Select View >> Toolbox >> Plugin and then Load the Character. Load your character by ordering the Roblox username.

These are the steps to export objects from Roblox Studio

  1. Go to View >> Explorer and choose your username at the right panel. Delete everything except the Head. Do not delete the Mesh option inside the Head option.
  2. Right-Click on Head and select ‘Export Selection’. Remember to save the file as a .obj file.
  3. Move onto Blender and Delete the unnecessary objects you do not want by pressing X and Enter. Go to File and Import Wavefront.
  4. Drag the Head by clicking on it and choosing Object >> Set Origin >> Origin to Geometry. Press Alt plus G to move the Head.

2. Create Hair with Curves -

Choose the head and choose Add >> Curve >> Path and Add >> Curve >> Circle. Guide to the green curve symbol at the right bottom panel. Choose the Geometry and select your Bezier Circle as the Bevel object. You will see a tunnel shape appearing around the avatar head. 

Utilize the Mirror Modifier to get symmetry. Select the bezier circle and go to Edit Mode. Shape the loop the way you want.

Allow Clipping from the right-side panel to join the objects. You can edit curves by selecting Vertices and pressing Alt plus S to scale and Ctrl plus T to turn them. Copy curves by pressing Shift and moving it.

3. Convert the Curves to Meshes -

You do not want to upload your hair as curves, so you have to transform it into meshes. Select Objects >> Convert to >> Meshes from Curves.

Press Edge Select by pressing Alt-click on one edge of the hair to set the entire border and click the F button to seal the openings.

4. Check for Corrections -

First, you have to go to Viewport Overlays and Boost Face Orientation. If everything is Blue, then you are right to go. But, if the font colour is Red, your hair has some endings that need fixes. In that point, go to edit mode >> Select Red portions >> Go to Mesh >> Normals >> Flip.

5. Reduce Edge Loops -

Make sure you have Edge select allowed. Go to Edit Mode >> Press Ctrl plus Alt on one edge. Go to Select >> Checker Deselect and select every second edge. Again go to Select >> Select Loops >> Edge Loops. Press X and delete edge loops.

6. Texture and Color the Hair -

Download and utilize for this step. Use the canvas, create your hair colour, texture it, and save the image as a jpeg file.

 7. Import File to Roblox Studio -

Go to file>> Export image as Wavefront and switch to Roblox Studio. Right-click and choose the insert object and Mesh part. Open Explorer and Properties. Then go to Mesh File Selection and select the image on the blender software.

8. Attach the Body Parts and Save to Roblox -

Load your character and generate it as R6. Delete accessories on the Head and hair. Go to Head >> Hair Attachment, and you will see a green sphere. Copy that file and paste it on the hair to clip.

And there you have it—a lovely excellent custom Hair for your Roblox avatar. One thing to remember is that the hair shape changes when you wear a hat.

How to Sell Hair to Earn Robux?

You require an account with a builder membership to sell any objects in Roblox. Upload the items template to the avatar shop catalogue page. Press on the three dots above the box that contains the price and Buy Now Option.

Choose the Sell Item Button and set the price of that item. Your design should be unique and affordable so that everyone can buy your stuff. Always be careful with the pricing process. A cheap-priced article takes less time to sell. Check out some great Roblox facts you may not know.

Final Thoughts

Making a hair on Roblox is a bit tough. And for that reason, this article can provide you with the most straightforward steps that no website ever showed you. We know the steps are challenging for beginners, but you will get the result of it.