How to Beat NYC Parking Tickets

NYC issues about 10M parking tickets every year to drivers who park "illegally". These costly tickets raise about $550M for NYC. But should you pay for parking tickets, "no questions asked?" Or, should you educate yourself to identify the parking tickets you can fight and win?

Lawrence Berezin
Created by Lawrence Berezin Jun 29, 2020

Are You Smarter than a Parking Ticket Warrior?

Parking Ticket Warriors patrol the sidwalks of New York City searching for cars that are parked illegally. They are well-trained and motivated to hand out expensive parking tickets that generally run from $65 to $165. How do you prepare to win the battle for the curbside of NYC?

Defense to No Standing Ticket

Select the winning defense to beat a No Standing ticket

Improper Service of Summons

I was sitting, not standing

I Filed Defense 101 Days after Ticket Issued

Calculating results

Improper Service of Summons (Winning Defense)

-Improper service is a winning defense to a No Standing ticket (and many other parking violations)

-The Rules require a Warrior or Cop to enter the name of the driver on the parking violation if she is seated behind the wheel when he issues to evil ticket (The exact language refers to a driver being "present" but most judges want proof that the driver was actulally sitting behind the wheel)

-Judges hate to dismiss tickets for improper service so I would offer a lot of evidence that the driver was actually present when the ticket was issued. For example:

  • A physical description of the Warrior or Cop
  • Recite your conversation with the Warrrior or Cop
  • Describe the Warrior or Cops behavior when he approached your car

Sitting in my Car Defense

Did you know? They do not permit you to remain seated in your car in a no standing zone.

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Entry of Default Judgment

-You must file your defense to a parking ticket within 100 days of issuance

-If you miss the deadline, a default judgment may be issued. You are no longer permitted to file a defense after default judgment.

-Unless you file a Request for Hearing after Judgment and persuade a judge to vacate the default judgment. You'll need to prove the delay was justified (like you were kidnapped by Martians) and you have a winning defe


Parking Ticket Penalty Timeline

The Evil Empire has shpilkes. It wants you to pay your parking fines quickly and "no questions asked."But, we're going to make sure we don't have a winning defense before we pay the evil ticket, right?!

We do have to keep in mind that there are penalties imposed for taking too much time to decide whether to fight or pay. Try to file your defense within 30 days from ticket issuance to avoid penalties. But, you have 100 days to file before the ticket falls into default judgment.

The Penalty Timeline