The CRAAP Test Module -

We live in a world of data overload. Some information is great, and some of it needs to pass a CRAAP test.

Marco Wilson
Created by Marco Wilson Mar 26, 2021

The CRAAP Test Module -

CRAAP is an acronym for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. Use the Craap Test to evaluate your sources.

Be that as it may, there is a more correct method of choice if a post is reliable and helpful.

Why should we be worried about the issue of online information literacy?

Lots of reasons. There’s the whole “fake news” thing, of course, but that’s just one bit of a bigger problem.

Almost any question that you want to be answered today, you’re going to go to the web for the answer.

Even if you’re a passive consumer you’re going to absorb views about medical care, climate change, public policy, the safety of entrance.

You are going to be exposed to processes of radicalization and various forms of direction.

Bad actors from corporate astroturfers, to snake-oil vendors, to state actors promoting civil contests have all thrown themselves into this new environment and developed very web-centric ways to proceed with their interests.

Yet too often in education, we’ve assumed that some generic training in “critical thinking” or “wide reading” will help our students navigate this world.

Activating the Module

All currently available QEP modules will come pre-loaded into your FSEM’s Canvas course, and you will have the ability to activate the modules of your choosing.

We ask that for assessment purposes, you use at least three modules from each skill area in your fall 2017 course. Everyone must use the Communication Theory module.

To activate a module, go to the Canvas home page for your FSEM and click on “Modules” in the left menu.

You should see a list of all available modules. On the right-hand side of each module and its content, a small cloud icon indicates whether or not the module and its pieces have been published.

To activate a module, click on its corresponding gray cloud, and most of the content will change to published status. Manually publish the module summary files by following the same procedure.

It is a job in progress, but the best method to keep the progress going is to put it to work.

I assure you there are typos in there, and there are prompts we’ll exchange out and information we’ll update.

But what I have learned in this space is there’s a huge community of skilled groups out there that want to make a difference on this, they just need somewhere to start. And they want to start now.

So this is where it starts.

Also, that is more diverse than in the past?

There’s no golden age of information, but there are certain moments in history when newer technological capacity comes up against older culture and critical systems break down.

I believe we’re living through one of those moments now, and governments, corporations, and educational institution have to reconsider their role.

For education, that piece is coming to terms with how online information literacy differs from what we taught in the age of print and broadcast.

Enough of This CRAAP

If you use crappy references, you will finish with a crappy paper and most likely a crappy grade. Apply the CRAAP Test to assure you are using credible sources for all of your assignments.