How Sustainable Are You?

Take our quiz to find out how sustainable you are!

Created by TePe UK Jun 16, 2021

Do you feel pressure to do your bit for our planet? 

When it comes to sustainability, do you ever try and educate others on how to lead a more sustainable life?  

How much extra would you be willing to pay for a product that is sustainable?   

What confuses you most about sustainability?

Which list of sustainable habits sounds most like you? 

How do you feel about climate change?  

Which sustainable habits are you LEAST likely to do?

What sustainable product features in your kitchen?

 Have you been more or less sustainable since the pandemic started in 2020?

How important is being sustainable to you? 

Incognito Sustainability Savvy

Incognito Sustainability Savvy

Congratulations! Your sustainable profile is Incognito Sustainability Savvy.

Don’t be fooled! Although you may not be preaching to people about how to live more sustainably, you’re conscious of making everyday choices that will better our planet. You’re taking the most action to help our planet by recycling as much as you can, turning off the lights when not in use, and using reusable shopping bags.

Way to go! Keep on keeping green! 


Satisfactory in Sustainability


Satisfactory in Sustainability

Congratulations! Your sustainable profile is Satisfactory in Sustainability.

You aim to make sustainable choices, but overall are indifferent towards sustainability. You might even be confused about some terms like ‘Carbon Neutral’ and ‘Carbon Footprint’ – but don’t worry, our research shows that most people are.

The good news is, is that you’re willing to learn about what you can do to make the planet a better place

Schooled in Sustainability

Schooled in Sustainability


Your sustainable profile is Schooled in Sustainability.

You are passionate about sustainability and want to help spread the word about what can be done to protect our planet. You’re willing to do what it takes, whether it be switching to metal straws or paying 11-20% more for a product if it’s sustainable. You feel a lot of pressure to do your bit to help our planet – and it’s okay, so do we!