How to Fish For Lake Trout

Lake Fishing Tips & Tricks

Victor Mays
Created by Victor Mays Jun 29, 2020

Fishing is a very interesting hobby when you know how to catch the fish you want. On contrary, it can be very annoying when you put all your effort by you come out empty handed.

In the following article, will be sharing lake fishing tips on how to effectively catch lake trout. 

Here's how to catch lake trout

Lake Fishing Tips

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Did you catch a lake trout?

Leave the bait to drift while the rod’s tip is nearly at the face level. When the bait passes you downstream, it is logical for the line to tighten up. Sometime the rod will experience some force or pulls, meaning the trout could be trying to get the bait, or the bait is bouncing on some rocks.

After the trout has completely taken the bait (if you experience a big pull), jerk the rod tip up to about 2 feet. Maintain the rod tip over your head so that the tout cannot unhook itself and escape. Reel the fish towards the shore and then scoop it out using a net. 

Here is a YouTube video on Lake Fishing Basics

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