Match the football boot to the footballer

Oisin Mc Queirns
Created by Oisin Mc Queirns Apr 12, 2020

Match the football boot to the footballer

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A simple but iconic one to start, who is this?

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There weren't too many players who sported these, but who is wearing this pair of Diadoras?

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These late 90s Nikes were made for one player and one player only, but who was that player?

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If you saw this man wearing these in the mid 2000s you knew it was game over. But who is it?

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Another iconic boot from Nike, but who is sporting them?

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A custom pair for one of the game's best. Who is wearing them?

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Lotto boots, but what player?

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This player has worn the same Adidas boots since 2013. Can you name him?

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Not many favoured Reeboks but this player did throughout his career. Who is he?

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This man could've done with a new pair when he sported these Nikes, but what player was it?

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Who wore this legendary pair of custom Nike Tiempos?

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Finally, who wore these beauties in the 2006 World Cup?

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