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Ramzy Bolton
Created by Ramzy Bolton Mar 24, 2020

Retail packaging in the modern and traditional Supply Chain Management

Everyday retail packaging experience has been witnessing a revolution since the last couple of years, and it will change more as the online shipping of product increases. Online grocery sales will have a worth up to 100 billion dollars in 2025, a survey suggests.
As more companies are concentrating on their click-to-buy options, it has become crucial for them to focus on every aspect of supply chain management. Optimal quality, branding consistency, and attractive packaging are all paramount to customer satisfaction as well as tick all the boxes of supply chain management. However, the traditional supply chain model was not built around these factors, and it concentrated more on stocking for retail.

Retail Shelf Vs. Direct Consumer:

As the online market has boomed, customers' expectations are high, and they don't want anything less than perfect. It is why there is almost a zero margin of error. Essential concerns of modern online shoppers include the options of rapid delivery, easy return, brand consistency, and environmental-friendly packaging of the product.
In particular, the attractive packaging is in high demand, and customers will show zero flexibility and compromise when the packaging is poor. As 20% of the grocery market share will be in the online market, the first thing that the businesses need to do is to offer the best and cheap retail packaging.

E-Commerce packaging in the light of direct delivery:

Packaging designers are no longer solely focusing on the aesthetics of packaging in the retail but are considering every aspect of the new supply chain management, which says the final realization of the packaging is at the consumer's doorstep.
Today's customer is looking into an entirely new dimension of packaging than its predecessor, which only wanted a brick and mortar retail. Let's discuss in detail what modern customer is looking for when they order a product online.

The modern customer is looking for a complete display for professionalism throughout the product delivery line. The way a product is shipped is equally essential to the way a product is manufactured, and as previously discussed, branding consistency is paramount.

Quality & Security assurance:
It is one of the most critical sides of today's online business. If you want a successful business, it should ensure that the product reaches its final destination safely, and in the very quality that it was manufactured in. Similarly, once a business ensures that it will decrease its return rate, which will increase the profit margins.

Fast delivery:
Time is money for the modern customer, and the reason behind the ordering online was to save time. So, if the delivery takes a lot of time, everything is in vain. An online business must be concentrating on the fastest delivery possible as a way to earn the customers' trust, compete with the competitors, and to fill in the fundamental purpose of the online business, saving time.

All the three essentials of online business listed above are linked with the right packaging solutions. A well and consistently designed custom retail packaging will ensure that there is a perpetual branding consistency, and the brand is well settled and known.
Similarly, a safe and quick delivery of the product is also associated with the packaging. If the retail packaging boxes are designed well and offer maximum cushion to the product, the product will reach quickly to its destination and will be safe throughout the process.

Making the right choices in the retail packaging of the products

After the product is ready, the crucial step of making the right choice of packaging unveils. While the online shipping packaging has been discussed before, the trend of packaging in the physical stores is quite different. Depending upon the type of store where the merchandise will be displayed, retail packaging will vary and could vary drastically.
The nature of the merchandise influences the packaging like nothing else, and to offer the right solution is essential. For example, if the store is for the products of children, the retail shelf packaging should be accessible to them and could be offered in a hanging shelf.

-         Stacked or Hung?

In the modern stores, there are only two effective ways of displaying the product, hanging it, or stacking it. Other than the nature of customers, there are other few elements as well, which decide the type of retail shelf. For example, if the product is square, then it can be stacked, but if it is round and irregular, then it should be hung because it can't be placed in the right way on a shelf.

Maximizing sales, be it the traditional market or the online market, is not only dependant on making the right product, but also on the right packaging. Retail packaging and the other online packaging solutions should always be the priority of the business if it wants to compete vigorously and want to last longer. As discussed earlier, the right packaging will not only make the product more buyable but will also ensure that the rate of return of merchandise is low, and the profits are higher.

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