The Effective Guide to Applying Prabhash Karan’s Advice in Your Life

Prabhash Karan is a decorated author, metallurgical engineer, computer scientist, and sociologist. His notable contributions to society have come in the form of his books. Till date, Prabhash has written over five books on the subject of social engineering. They are titled as Nature Is My Teacher, Of Human Nature and Good Habits, Life, Living, and Lifestyle, How to Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life, and Health and Medical Care. His upcoming book is called In God We Trust, which is set to be released soon.
The author has touched the lives of millions of people who have picked up his books. The context of his books is very vivid and inspiring, which is why readers need to take a different approach and dive deeper into different perspectives, decoding ideas, and applying into their lives.

Before starting

1. Read the books thinking that it can profoundly change your life

Your predisposition to one of Prabhash Karan’s books determines that this book can have a real impact on your life or not. If you read thinking that it can change your life, you increase the chances that it really does. Before reading the books, search Google for something about the author’s life and his motivation to write the book and imagine him writing to provide you with ideas that leave a positive mark on your life. 

2. Read with the objective of obtaining practical ideas that you can apply to your life

A book on Personal Development is not a novel or an essay but should focus on providing you with concrete ideas that you can apply to your life, whether you give them directly from the book at the end of each chapter or you can decipher them yourself. The important thing is that you focus on looking for what you can find useful.
A book on Personal Development should be enjoyable and fun to read for you since you know that book can have a lasting and positive impact on your life. The motivation to read it chapter after chapter will be something you should get as you go along; however, the effect will last forever in a change and improvement for you.
When you read

3. Take Notes

As you read, take note of everything relevant in a notebook or on your computer. Underline the phrases that attract your attention or point them out. Summarize the book by chapters. If you liked reading, write down the books recommended by the author to find them. Write down what emotions and ideas you have generated and what conclusions you have reached after reading the book.

4. Let the ’author’s way of thinking invade you

It is a good idea to be influenced by people who get the results you want to get in a certain part of your life. Having a correct mindset is important to get what you want. If you read a book about “How to be rich” and its author is a rich person, then learn and internalize his way of thinking as it will help you think more like a rich person.