Ultimate Champions League Quiz

Created by Greg May 24, 2020

Ultimate Champions League Quiz

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What team won the first edition of the Champions League in the 1992/1993 season?

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In 1996/1997, who became the first British player to win the European Cup/Champions League whilst playing for a non-British team?

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In their 1999 treble winning campaign Manchester United defeated Bayern Munich in the Champions League final, but what team did they beat over two legs in the last four?

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In the 1999/2000 campaign Porto's Mario Jardel finished joint top scorer with ten goals, but what Premier League club would he join three years later?

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Which Premier League club reached the last four of the tournament in 2000/2001 before falling to Valencia?

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What AC Milan player missed the penalty that handed Liverpool the 2004/2005 Champions League crown in Istanbul?

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Who saw an early red card in Arsenal's Champions League final defeat to Barcelona in the 2005/2006 season?

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In what city was the 2007/2008 Champions League final held, a game which saw Manchester United defeat Chelsea on penalties?

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Who scored a brace for Inter Milan in their Champions League final win over Bayern Munich in the 2009/2010 season?

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What team did Robert Lewandowski score four goals against in the first leg of the 2012/2013 Champions League semi-final?

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Cristiano Ronaldo scored a record number of goals on his way to winning the top-scorer in the 2013-2014 season, but how many did he bag?

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The 2015/2016 season saw Astana become the first team from which country to reach the Champions League group stages?

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The 2017/2018 Champions League final saw Real Madrid defeat Liverpool, but what Reds player broke the record for assists in a single CL campaign that same season?

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What player has made the most appearances in Champions League history?

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What player scored a hat-trick for Tottenham in their Champions League semi-final win over Ajax but was subsequently dropped for the final against Liverpool?

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