Four Tips for Business Owners

Being the leader of a business is not an easy job by any means and having an executive leadership masters is becoming a must if you wish to assume a similar leadership position in the future.

George W.
Created by George W. Aug 12, 2020

Financial Leadership

Running a company, especially the financial aspects, is a constant challenge, irrespective of how successful the company is at the moment. In order to help the new entrepreneur or the financial head of a business, the following four simple but effective tips have been collected from some of the most prominent corporate leaders around today.

The Number Game

Nothing is more important than numbers when it comes to finances and you need to figure out and track which metrics are most important to the business. Make it a routine to have weekly and monthly scorecards so that you can keep your eyes on those all-important numbers on a constant basis and maintain your focus on improving them.

Make the Numbers Public to Your Employees

Once you have the numbers, you need to make everything as transparent as possible. Make sure that everyone who is on the company’s payroll can see those metrics. This will invariably encourage them to improve those numbers because a company that makes more profits pays better and allows for better working environments for its employees. In addition to that, this transparency ensures that your employees are not overestimating your profits and assuming that they are being underpaid.

Invest in What People Want

This is perhaps both the most important and the most difficult business decision that you will have to take as an executive leader. While investing and producing what your customers want seems simple enough, in practice, it’s far from it. Once you figure out what the bulk of your customers want, you need to forego many other aspects of your business model that might appeal to you or others. For example, Apple makes products that cost significantly more because they have a huge profit margin and they sell their brand name. Apple knows that people will buy their products, irrespective of the price tag. If they shift their strategy and try to provide better value-for-money products like most other companies in the industry are trying to do, they will lose their unique selling point. As complicated as it is, figuring out what your target customers want and sticking to it is what most successful companies in the world do. More and more poeple are interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make purchases online or receiving money.

Use Purpose as a Motivator

If you are just starting out, you will probably not be able to give your employees very impressive salaries. So what’s there to keep your key employees from leaving your company and joining a bigger one for a far greater amount of money? The answer to that question is “purpose.” Be clear with what you are trying to achieve as a unit and motivate them by making your employees a key part of that future. People work for things other than money and purpose is one of the strongest motivators in the world. The promise of a bigger and brighter future and the purpose of building something great together have laid the foundations for great companies in the past.

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Coupled with the training in leadership and the necessary financial knowledge, you should be able to put the techniques mentioned here into practice with great success. There will still be mistakes as nothing can really replace experience, but you will make far fewer of them and progress much faster than anyone else in your position.