George Ralf
Created by George Ralf Mar 10, 2020

DOWNLOAD TIKTOK VIDEOS Shortcuts - The Easy Way is the previous name of TikTok which was changed in August 2018. TikTok is for those who love to stream or share videos. Every day, there are about 600 million videos go live. These are possible through its 100 million active users.As reports with that being said, TikTok is among the world's prominent digital entertainment programs in terms of live-streaming and sharing of video clips. 
 You would like TikTok since you can see videos created by other users or you can create your own. Videos just last 15 to 60 seconds. And can deal with many topics, be it hot dances, funny quotes or wacky lip-sync. When you complete your own version of amusing video, you can share it to the entire world making use of the application. Applications for video editing are accessible too. You will need a video to edit and a great place to start is TikTok. This post can assist you how to download TikTok videos. 
 Download TikTok Videos to your Personal Phones
If you are using iPhone or Android mobile phones, you should have no issue utilizing TikTok app. Once downloaded, open the application on your cellular device and locate the Account icon. This is found on the main window of the application, on the bottom right side. Tap the video you would like to download to your mobile phone. Choose the video on the list on your profile page. It will start playing right away. On that playing page at the lower right section, you’ll find a “Share” icon. Tap it to see different share options and choose the “Download” option. You will find the downloaded video on your phone’s camera roll.
 Make use of TikTok Video Downloader on Google Play Store
Go to Googe play store. It has lots of apps created for TikTok. When the application is downloaded without trouble, run TikTok application and go to the list of videos and locate which one to download. Options will be shown as soon as the Share button is shown. This time pick the Copy Link option. The link you only copied can be utilized to your TikTok video downloader application. Paste that link to that app. A preview of the video will be shown. You can also see options. The downloading of video won’t need much time regardless if your chosen format is an image or a video.
 Create your Email as TikTok Video Downloader
Keep in mind the share option in TikTok? Yes, you can find an Email option as one of the choices. This will let you create an email and utilize it as your Tiktok video downloader. Just stick to the initial ways that were abovementioned in the very first two downloading strategies until you reach the Share icon again. Pick the email option and complete the To and From boxes. Once the email is opened, the video should be there. The download option should be seen next to the video.
 The above steps make it easy to download TikTok videos. No matter which technique you are comfy, downloading the video is not really time-consuming. A couple of minutes of your time will undoubtedly be required.