Visionary Painter Degard: The Link Between Spirituality and Art

Eli Angote
Created by Eli Angote Mar 10, 2021

Looking back throughout history, we have always noticed how active art has been in deeply impacting our spirits and our unique individuality.
Starting from the Stone Age, where cave paintings depicted the early life of our ancestors, and with changing times, art has found new mediums to connect us with one another, find our own individuality, and use spiritual means to heal us in so many ways.

However, many people seem to believe that new forms of art don't hold similar authentic and unique aspects of real art, which is why it is more common now to meet people who are more spiritually disconnected from themselves.
Some of the most significant spiritual benefits of arts are the restoration of one's sense of identity, community, and dignity. It has also helped many individuals embrace their existence and have the courage to express their spiritual state. This, in turn, enables understanding between diverse individuals who come together and bond over their experience. It is like a cycle- art connects with people, which further helps them connect with similar souls.

Nothing is more empowering than coming together as a community and reaching a point where you are genuinely yourself with people who are just like you. However, as Walter Benjamin described in one of his most influential essays, 'The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,' that gone are the days when works of art emitted unique auras that left such strong impressions on one's very soul.

According to him, we live in a time where modern technology can reproduce artistic content, thus diminishing the artwork's authentic quality.

However, the reality is quite different. Although art has indeed become reproducible thanks to technological advancements - but there are still many artists who are staying true to traditional concepts of original artworks. A prime example of such an artist is none other than Dee Clayton, or professional known as 'Degard.'

As a British fine and installation artist, painter, property developer, and academic author, Degard has spent many decades in the art industry reviving the magic of aura painting to its fullest potential.

From a very young age, Degard's art style had always been different from most people. Her artistic techniques involved more strong, colorful, hopeful, and psychic influences, which have been shared by other artists such as Georgiana Houghton, Susan Hiller, and Hilma af Kilnt. Her talents were widely recognized, which led her to achieve multiple art awards and being acknowledged as one of the most dominant young artists from her generation.

Some of her famous works include her art creation of Bartholomeus Anglicans' Conscious Aura and providing her assistance in helping to initiate the Contemporary Visionary Art movement at an exhibition held at the Royal College of Art, Quintessence of Consciousness.

Degard strongly believes that aura has never been described genuinely in paint- therefore, with the help of Aura, if we can understand each other as energies, then we will truly connect as unique individuals and tear down the stereotypes that continue to divide us. For that reason, Degard considers her art to be high quality, beautiful paintings that trigger fascinating ideas and experiences to help people achieve spiritual and emotional inner prosperity.