iPad mini 4 screen replacement with FixerMan

iPad mini 4 is one of the most sold iPads in the market. Due to low weight and having 90% similar features as of iPad Air, iPad Mini 4 allows the user to carry the miniature version anywhere they want (even in a small handbag).
Since iPads are costly in the market, due to the features and specifications being offered in the iPad, you tend to buy a lot of accessories to keep the iPad safe.
Scratches and damage to an iPad are inevitable and unpredictable; you never know when and where your iPad gets damaged and how to get it repaired. Even the repair for an iPad can cost you AED 600, but at Fixerman we provide budget-friendly services to our customers.

How does the Fixerman iPad mini 4 screen replacement service works?

iPad 4 screen replacement cost can put a hole in your wallet, but not it Fixerman. Fixerman is a portal where you will be able to get a quote for the repair before you submit your phone. Replacing an LCD screen due to crack, scratch or gap between the phones can be done within AED 300 which is the half of what other service centres charges.

We provide authentic services where you can register your product through an online portal and choose the type of service you require. We provide services like iPad LCD screen replacement, battery replacement, body repair, software problem and more. With the quote, you will be able to understand how the final cost is divided i.e. iPad 4 screen replacement cost and iPad battery replacement cost and more.

Choose the colour of the iPad model you have along with the problems you are facing and get the best quote possible. No Matter how many times you compare it with other services you will be able to differentiate how we provide great quality services at an affordable rate.

Why choose Fixerman?

There are individuals who tend to change the LCD screens at home since it seems economical, but the same people have faced a lot of problem with the battery and the software in the future.

We have a team of professionals who help in understanding what exactly the problem is and what needs to be changed. Sometimes, when an iPad falls, the gap between the iPad and the screen is due to the shift in the battery.

Since there are cases where replacement is not required, only repair is required to make the damaged iPad as a new one, you need professional help you repair your product.

Fixerman is the best apple services portal which you will find online, from a broken screen to scratches, Mic problems, software problem, battery drainage, camera crack and other issues we will provide you with the best rates with services like pick up of product from our location, same day repair and more. With precise repair works and quality service, you can trust us to convert your old apple devices into a new one.