3 Stylish NYC Women on Their Very Best Purchases From the Past 100 Days

Douglas Ben
Created by Douglas Ben Jun 8, 2020

3 Stylish NYC Women on Their Very Best Purchases From the Past 100 Days

Living in New York has its pros and cons. On one hand, you have seemingly endless access to discovering new brands in stores and boutiques from a range of designers. On the other hand, Manhattan apartments are small. Like, cartoonishly small. Anything you choose to add to your space really has to be worth it, which is why finding out what NYC women purchase is always a topic of intriguing discussion.

We tapped three city dwellers to get the scoop on what they clicked "add to cart" on in the past 100 days. Their answers ranged from practical purchases like staple separates all the way to at-home skincare splurges that make getting home at the end of the day a special treat. Continue ahead to find out what they bought, and if you're inspired by their picks, be sure to shop their NYC essentials for your own closet this season.
Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Who What Wear Senior Market Editor

"These boots have been my savior in new york fashion, where the weather has been more unpredictable than ever lately. They're easy to walk around in all day but also have that much-needed tread in case the streets and sidewalks are wet and slippery. And, of course, they're lovely to look at."

"I recently switched up my daily eyeliner to this Urban Decay pencil in Bourbon, and I'm obsessed with not only the color but the way it glides on so smoothly."

"After living in blazers all throughout fall and winter, I proactively ordered this as my new spring go-to."

"In winter, when we wear a lot of furry and fuzzy things, the amount of lint that accumulates on all my go-to pants and sweaters actually drives me crazy. I finally ordered a new lint roller from Amazon last week and have used it almost every day before leaving the house. It makes such a difference when a pair of black pants or a dark sweater isn't covered in light fuzz."

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