Where Do I Find These Unicorns Top Immigration Lawyers?

Created by devinn Oct 29, 2020

Ideally you have a close and trusted friend or adviser who can give you a personal referral to someone at the top of the field. 
But what if you don’t have a reliable immigration lawyer hook-up? 
There’s Always Google
It pains me to say this but….you might need to resort to that great referrer of the digital realm: Google. 
Even if you have a referral from a friend or colleague, it’s always worth doing a little extra due diligence online. Not every referral is reliable. 
So where to start? 
The Closest Lawyer is Not Necessarily the Best Lawyer
People typically search for an immigration adviser close by – for example, they search on terms like: 
“immigration lawyer Melbourne” 
“migration agent Melbourne” 
“immigration lawyers near me” 
immigration lawyer in Australia” 
I get that. It’s nice to meet someone face-to-face, shake their hand and look them in the eye – especially if you are entrusting your future to that person. But note that immigration law is the same across Australia, so if you are happy to collaborate over Skype, telephone and email, proximity is not necessarily a major factor. I have numerous clients in different locations around the world, whom I have never met in the flesh.  
Once you start zeroing in on lawyers online, have a look at the firm’s website. Is the information up-to-date? Have they made it easy to contact them? A flashy website isn’t the be all and end all, but it’s a start. 
Next, take a look at online reviews to see if previous clients have anything to share. Of course, read with a grain of salt, as reviews are not always genuine.  
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