What Is an Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer?

Created by devinn Oct 29, 2020

Finally, going back to the difference between your GP and your cardiologist…
An Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer is a lawyer who has been certified as having the highest level of experience and knowledge in their field.  
Less than 2% of immigration advisers are accredited specialists.  
The reason for the small number is the rigorous process of assessments and exams. You can’t even sit the exam until you have accumulated at least 5 years of legal experience specifically in immigration. And of those permitted to sit the gruelling exams – most fail.  
That small number of top immigration lawyers who pass must thereafter undertake additional annual training, above that required by regular immigration lawyers, in order to maintain their accreditation. 
So if you’re looking to minimise your risk, or if you’re dealing with the visa equivalent of open-heart surgery, an accredited specialist is your safest bet.
PRO TIP: Some Questions to Ask Your Potential Immigration Lawyer 

How long have you been a migration agent/immigration lawyer in Australia?

How long have you specifically been working in immigration law?

Do you have an area of speciality in immigration law?

Do you have recent experience in the visa subclasses relevant to my situation?
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