How To Create A Great Marketing Presentation

Dawn Wilson
Created by Dawn Wilson Jun 29, 2021

How To Create A Great Marketing Presentation

If you've ever seen a marketing presentation, then you know that a lot of them are the same same slide show, same guy in a blazer extolling the merits of one product or another. The question is, if many of them are almost identical, how can any of them be effective?

Creating a great marketing presentation is about more than just having a polished set of PowerPoint slides and a stack of brochures. You can razzle-dazzle the audience all you want, but if you arent addressing their needs and communicating the benefits of your product or service clearly, you arent going to get any sales.

The first thing that you want to remember when you are giving a marketing presentation is to keep your material simple. Too often, a presenter cannot resist the urge to tell the audience absolutely everything she knows about a product or service, the current state of an industry, how and where a product was made, etc.

"Your audience doesn't care about that, at least not nearly as much as they care about how your product or service can benefit them" suggests Dan Smith of "Dont waste a lot of precious marketing time filling your audiences heads with only marginally important details."

Its okay to include a little background information, and maybe a little technical information (if your audience is geared toward that sort of thing), but for the most part, keep your presentation straightforward, so your audience can focus on the benefits of your products and services.

Another thing that you will want to remember is that your presentation is essentially a story. Not the Alice in Wonderland, plot twisting sort of story, but rather, one that leads up to how your products or services can be a benefit to your audience.

Open up with a familiar scene, say the family is sitting at dinner, finally able to catch up with each other. Then, introduce a problem Mom says that she has an important client coming over tomorrow, and the carpets are dirty. That old carpet shampooer isnt going to get out those mud tracks Junior left in the carpet after baseball practice.

"Then, offer a solution your on-call carpet cleaning service, which uses high-powered, top of the line cleaning equipment" suggest John Rogan of Lastly, tell them about some of the people who have used your service, and how pleased they have been with the results, and let your audience know that they will be just as pleased.

By using this storytelling formula, you help bring your audience in by starting with something familiar, that they can relate to. Then, by introducing a problem and offering a solution, you place your product or service in their minds as one that can fit into their lives as a solution to their problem. Then, when you tell them about other people who have been satisfied with your product or service, they relate to those people as well, and are in a perfect position to purchase your product.

So, keep it simple and tell your story, and your marketing presentation will be far better than most presentations out there. And, it will help you sell more!