How to choose Visual Comfort Crystal Lamp

David Stewart
Created by David Stewart Jul 17, 2020

How to choose Visual Comfort Crystal Lamp

Lights and lamps are essential things in every household. Not just in homes, but in commercial places as well. However, if you are looking for the options in your home, you must search the ones that give comfort to the eyes. Harsh lights will give you discomfort, and it can cause eyesight issues as well.

Also, you need to find some aesthetic lights that will enhance the look of your home, and nothing can be better than crystal lamps. So how are you going to choose such lights for your house? Here, check the tips below.

Check The Size

This is one of the most important parts when you are looking for Visual Comfort Crystal Lamp. If you have a big room, you need to understand the measurement of the lamp. A spacious ceiling will require a big crystal lamp. That will enhance the look of the room, and you will get the aesthetic view too. On the other hand, if you have a small room, you must not opt for big crystal lights. If you want to hang the lamp from the ceiling, then, you have to find a smaller one. Also, when this is for the hallway or on the wall of the room, you must not jam the spaces with more than two. This is for the small rooms, for larger spaces, you can go for more than 3 or 4. However, the sizes should vary on the space you have on the walls.


The styles of the Visual Comfort Kelly Wearstler should depend on the color of your room, and the design of it. If you have a traditional look in the rooms, you need to find a style that complements the lights. Also, for retro, or modern designs you have to choose accordingly. If you try to mix and match it may not work, but if you have the eyes of an interior designer it might do some tricks. However, so many people go for the mix and match, and they do not look out of place.

Check The Brightness

The brightness level of every room shouldn’t be the same. The living room and the bedroom do not require powerful lights as these places are for relaxing. Also, when you look for the dining room, this place do not need much focus because only a series of pendant lights will do the work as you only need to see the food, and the people sitting around the table. The pendant lamps will do the work. You can always go for visual comfort lights in your house, as these do not release glare, and you will get better vision of everything around you.

Color Of The Lights

Color is also important when you are choosing visual comfort crystal lights. There are different shades available in the market, but the best thing will be to choose the ones that match with the room color. If the room is pale, then, mix and match of various shades. If you have children at home you can even go for some animal print lights.

Lastly, makes sure of the shape of Visual Comfort Crystal Lamp. If you choose an intricate pattern, it will be hard to maintain. So, select the lamps wisely.